November 7, 2010

Farmboy for PM, The Arrival of Country Style.

Breaking news on The Farm is the fact that Farmboy wants to be Prime Minister.  He has been very interested in the concept of politics recently.  The Farmer and I have tried to explain the way voting works. We think he has got the picture.  He was explaining to me recently that he would do "good things" but only if people voted for him.  He was also not going to let his friends know too much about his plans in case they wanted to be Prime Minister too.  He is quite sensible in considering this (look what happened to Kevin).  Most importantly he knew he had two votes already, his Mum and his Dad.

Incidentally Farmboy has also expressed a wish to marry Julia Gillard.  His Dad said no (and a few other things).

My copy of Country Style magazine has arrived.  I love reading it - it is always full of pretty pictures and makes me see the best side of living in the country.  I particularly like looking at the gardening articles/photos.

This months copy shows a gorgeous evening setting on the cover.  I am concerned about what to do about the mosquitos that would surely be around though.  I guess you would just pop some Rid on and relax with a book and a drink.

Evenings are my favorite time on The Farm.  They are beautiful but not quite this glamorous.  Obviously I just need a few more props.

The first gardenia has appeared in my garden.

It smells beautiful.


Farmers Wifey said...

I love this magazine, but I've stopped buying it as we haven't finished our house yet and I have no where to store them all..and I just can't throw my magazines out!

A Farmer's Wife said...

I have a similar issue. I will give them away though, so I resort to doing that often.