December 23, 2010

It's Almost Here, Only Two Sleeps To Go

Christmas is only two more sleeps away.  Yay!  Things are already getting very busy on The Farm.  The spare fridge looks like this (all farming families have lots of fridges - food storage is valued!)

Very Christmassy Fridge 
You can tell The Farmer helped me stack it.  It is all very rectilinear.

The Farmchildren and I have made Christmas biscuits for the tree.  We were going to make gingerbread men. But I couldn't find the cutter. Failed the uber Mum test.  Again.  That's Ok - I really like the stars and hearts more anyway.

Hearts And Stars - My Favourite Biscuit Shapes

On The Tree

Star With Farmboy Shaped Bite (Did Not Make It To The Tree)

We had dinner with New York Uncle and New York Aunty last night.  We had a great night.  The mango meringue concoction was a hit.

Mangoes and Meringues
I would love to say the photo was taken on an angle because I was having a stylish, artistic moment.  I think it was more because I was having a post three glasses of champagne moment.

I think the blog will sign off now until after Boxing Day.  Then it will be a lazy beach blog for a few days, so expect a change of scene.

I would just like to wish everyone an absolutely wonderful Christmas.  I hope you all have happy times with your loved ones, wherever you are.

Take good care.

With love
A Farmer's Wife


BushBelles said...

Hi, have just found your blog. Love reading Australian rural blogs. Yes my fridges look just like yours. I am also on the land. Look forward to following you.

Amanda said...

Looks like you're all set for Chrissy with that fridge stocked - my freezer is already full and I still need to fit an icecream cake in there today somehow - eek!! Love your biscuits and the way you've hung them on your tree. Hope your Christmas is a lovely relaxing one xx

This Mid 30s Life said...

Merry Christmas Farmer's Wife!!

Enjoy a warm sunny time, and spare a thought for those of us snowed in (although it's very pretty).

Not A Ballerina said...

I think I need The Farmer to come and restack my fridge - mine doesn't look anything like that and still needs to fit in a few extra Christmassy things for Saturday!

That mango meringue shot is definitely stylish - maybe you should take all pics after three champagnes? (may cause problems with the cooking type shots though).

Have a fantabulous Christmas on the farm and I'm looking forward to the "seachange" version afterwards - we are also seachanging for a few days but I think mine will be a blog-free seachange ...
Merry Christmas! xxx Hope Farm Girl gets her pony/crocodile/alpaca/goodness me I can't remember what animal she wants!!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Merry Christmas, AFW family!!

There's nothing like the arty shots that result from a few glasses of bubbly.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

G said...

Will be indulging in a few bubbles myself tonight, cheers AFW and family... Merry Christmas. G

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thank you everyone. Those good wishes for Christmas go right back at you.


Semi Expat said...

And a fabulous Christmas to you.. so glad I found your blog. x

Glow said...

Artistic and drunk are terms that are interchangeable in my house! Merry Christmas AFW.