December 2, 2010

Puddings In The Post

Busy day here on The Farm.  I had to run quickly into town (well as quickly as I could given it is a 70km round trip) today.  I try not to go into town on a Thursday as it is the only day I have fully at home.  But anyway...  The only good thing was that I got the chance to pick up our mail from the Post Office.   And there were lots of exciting things...

First of all our Christmas Puddings arrived.  Yay!  As a bona fide Farmer's Wife it would not be unreasonable to think that I would make my own.  No way - there are other farmer's wives out there that will make them for me.  And package them beautifully.  And post them.  Perfect.  My kind of puddings.

They are made by two gorgeous ladies at The Gravel Road Pudding Company.  They have closed their mail orders for this year but I know they supply a number of gourmet outlets in Perth.  I highly recommend you keep an eye out.

Here they are, all gift boxed and glammed up.

Gorgeous Homemade Puddings
All I will have to do on the big day is pop the puddings in the microwave.

Pudding - Ready to Roll

I also received some Christmas wall stickers which I have put up in our kitchen.

See, they make a cute tree type effect.

Sticker Christmas Tree

Because I put them up, they are not completely straight.  That's ok.  I know if I leave them like that for long enough The Farmer won't be able to cope.  He will then make string lines and other farmer type arrangements and fix them.  Problem sorted.

Like all good farmers he needs things in straight lines.  He will dig up the seedlings I plant in the vegie patch and reformat them if they don't meet his exacting standards.  It's a farmer thing.  Trust me.

On a slightly different note I would just like to encourage anyone who is shopping in WA tomorrow to buy lots of very expensive fruit and veg at Woolworths.  They are donating all their profits from the sale of fruit and veg on Friday the 3rd of December to the CWA.  The CWA have set up a fund to provide assistance to drought stricken farmers so they can still have a special time at Christmas.  It is called Christmas For The Country.

Anyone reading my blog will know that we have been incredibly fortunate on The Farm this year - we have crops and hence a harvest to bring in.  We are truly in the minority in Western Australia this season. Many, many farming families are having the struggle of their life to keep their head above water due to a disastrous lack of rain.   So people - get to Woolies and buy lots of super expensive things like cherries and mangoes.... Remember we all need farmers because we all need food.  It's that simple.

Alternatively - click here and see how you can donate to the CWA.

Enjoy your day.

PS- I tried to post a little link to the Gravel Road ladies but their website seems a little under the weather.. . Sorry


Sydney Shop Girl said...

I love the sticker tree! I'm not great at straight lines either.

So exciting seeing Christmas take shape at the Farmer House.

I am yet to start...

SSG xxx

A Farmer's Wife said...

The sticker tree has completely made my day (obviously I am shallow) - every time I walk past it I have to smile. Farmgirl is thrilled, and yet to work out how easy it is to move the stickers...

Maxabella said...

If the pudding tastes half as good as the packaging looks, you're in for a real treat! The tree looks great and I had a chuckle at the thought of your husband getting out the string line.

Love the CWA. x

Glen said...

When we were young, one Christmas my Dad stuck some luminous stars to the ceiling. They looked fantastic and really made the room look special that Christmas. However, they would not come off without completely tearing the ceiling paper. They stayed up there for four years before my Dad finally got them down and completely re papered & painted the ceiling.

I still miss them.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Breaking news - The Farmer looked at it and said "It's very straight. Are you sure you did that entirely yourself. No lines or anything" Yay - i have achieved farming greatness.

Thanks Maxabella, thank you too for visting the blog.

Glen - the stickers come off easily, I know cos I shifted them about 50 times to check they were straight.

Not A Ballerina said...

Oh the straight-sticker seal of approval, well done! I also can't do anything straight. But I also couldn't colour between the lines as a kid. (Or as an adult for that matter).

We have similar (but not Christmas tree style) stickers in City Boy's room and they also come off easily. A little too easily actually because a few times people have recommended we use the humidifier if he has a cold but (bad Mum moment) I let him snuffle a bit instead of breathing clearly because the humidifier steam makes the stickers fall off the walls. (Fortunately he's usually the picture of good health).