December 9, 2010

A Red Dress For A Farm Christmas

I am very excited as I went to the Post Office yesterday and there was a present. For Me!  Admittedly from me too, but that is how internet shopping goes.  I had ordered a dress to wear on Christmas Day.  I have longheld the belief that Christmas is as good an excuse as any for a new dress.

Just for a little while I want everyone to pretend I am a stylish fashion blogger type person.  The lovely Sydney Shop Girl posts beautiful pictures of her outfits and I thought I would channel her.  Only for today though, I think if I posted what I wore every day people would get sick of T-shirts, jeans, boots and thongs....

Incidentally I am lucky enough to have known SSG for many years ( we went to the same Uni ) and she is just as sweet and glamorous in real life as she is in the blogging world.

Anyway, back to the dress.  I searched a big shopping centre in Perth a week or so ago for what I wanted and found absolutely nothing.  That night I hopped online and found exactly what I wanted in ten minutes. It was a sign from The Shopping Gods.  So I click clacked away and bought it.  Should I be concerned I know my Visa details by heart?

Here it is.

My New Red Dress
It is made of a soft swishy jersey.  I love it.  On Christmas Day I am going to wear it with my Holster sparkly thongs.  I have had them for a long time and they make me happy.  They have a strong "Nanna On The Gold Coast" vibe which I adore. They even have glitter embedded in the clear rubber.  If ever there is a time for plastic-fantastic blingy footwear it is Christmas in Australia.

I bought the dress from Max Shop which is a NZ based company.  The prices are reasonable, the delivery time is rapid and the quality (particularly of their knitwear) is amazing.  Their range is huge, not all of it is to my taste, but I can always find something I like....

So there you have it - what I will be wearing on Christmas Day.


Sydney Shop Girl said...


I love the dress.

I too love "Nanna on the Gold Coast" at this time of the year (love that term, I will paraphrase you from now on). Those Nanas are on to something. Flattering dresses in a stretchy fabric plus comfy shoes. Perfect for a hot Christmas.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thank you SSG. I love the dress too. I get a bit nervous with internet stuff. It is always a relief when it arrives, fits and ticks all the boxes.

Naturally Carol said...

Whoo hoo! We've got the same bloggy backgrounds! Good taste obviously! You will look great on Christmas Day. I am surprised that a NZ based company has Gold Coast type fashions though as people in NZ don't usually wear those kind of least my family don't seem to!! Thanks for visiting earlier, and for your lovely comment.

kate of here we are together said...

oh how I envy you for being able to wear that at Christmas time, it's the only time I "dress up", but mostly in winter wool sweaters! ;)

oh, I am having a giveaway on my blog, just wanted to let you know! <3

ha, when I got my word verification word it was "red dress" , fun!
(yes, i thought this was important enough to go back & edit my comment ;) )

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Carol - Your blog did feel strangely familiar.... The website has the most enormous range. Their merino range is gorgeous.

Thanks Kate - It would be pretty hot here in a sweater by Christmas day!

Maryam said...

" If ever there is a time for plastic-fantastic blingy footwear it is Christmas in Australia. "

That sentence just made me feel suddenly very happy!
I'm glad your dress and shoes are making you feel oh so good :)

This Mid 30s Life said...

Well now I'm just plain jealous - what a beautiful dress! Love jersey too. No sundress for me this Christmas, but I sense an excuse to buy cashmere.

I was reading that thinking you might want to explain what thongs are for those not in Australia. Then you mentioned the word 'footwear' and all was well. Otherwise people will think you're wearing the dress with a sparkly rubber g-string. x

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Maryam - I hope you have a lovely outfit for your own Christmas, even if boots are involved!

This Mid 30s Life - The thong issue is a worry. My favourite cross cultural muddle up though is the word "root". I worked with an English girl once who had lost something and was "going into the office to have a root around". The poor thing wondered why everyone looked at her very oddly.

This Mid 30s Life said...

Ah yes - I have had the same problem. If you get a chance: