December 12, 2010

A Weekend Visitor

My gorgeous friend F has been up from The City.  We have had a lovely weekend.  She bought me these pretty Christmas tea towels as a present.

Pretty Christmas Tea Towels
We drank lots of coffee and spent lots of time chatting and catching up.  F has been living overseas for a while so it has been a long time since we have been able to spend a decent amount of time together.

I decided that she could be the "blog star" today.  Here she is enjoying our evening drinks.

F With Essential Evening Equipment
F was worried because she thought being a blog star sounded a bit like being a porn star.  I told her it was OK as it is actually more like being a rock star.  She was happier after that.

She had to spend lots of time with The Farmchildren doing very important things like jumping on the trampoline and colouring in pictures of Ben 10 Aliens.  I have been reliably informed by The Farmchildren that she is a very good "colouring inner".

She was also required to read "The Night Before Christmas" to The Farmchildren.  The Farmer  has read this story so many times that he has become a bit bored and has come up with a version that involves Indian takeaway which he reads in a terrible Indian accent. (As you do...)  In it Santa gets to have mango chutney and papadums.  Poor F was very confused when The Farmchildren kept asking when she would get to the papadum bit.

One thing F did mention to me was that she had commented on the blog.  I have never received her comments, so if this has ever happened to anyone else feel free to email.  The address is on the side bar.

F has just left to drive back to The City.  We miss you F, come again anytime!


Faux Fuchsia said...

loving your farm x

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks FF - I love it too.

Maryam said...

Thanks for the chuckle re pampadum :)

On your blog as on many blogs I have to click "post comment" at least 3 times, during which the word verification pops up finally and I fill it out and then click "post comment" yet again. It's easy to not succeed if you don't know to persevere with the clicking!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Maryam - I had a practice run with her so hopefully it will be fine now.