January 19, 2011

January On The Farm

I have not blogged much about what is happening on The Farm recently. Things are still ticking over though.

January and February are traditionally the time for taking stock, planning and budgeting for the year to come.  In true workaholic farmer style The Farmer has bought his desk top computer and set it up at The Beach House.  Likewise he still spends quite a bit of time on the phone each day to various people and companies. When we return he will be closeted in The Farm Office with my father-in-law for meeting after meeting.

The admin side of running a farming enterprise seems to increase from year to year.  I think that side of it is like running any business.

Today and tomorrow The Farmer has scheduled meetings in The City. The Farmchildren and I have decided to join him, stay overnight and do a few city type activities.  The Farmchildren's two favourite things to do are go to the Zoo and go to Ikea!

I need an Ikea stock up so a trip to the everpresent Swedish retail giant is firmly on the agenda.  I love Ikea, there is something about everything being so organised and neat that inspires me to domestic organising greatness.  Then I get home and realise 3 plastic containers and a couple of baskets do not automatically make me an organised uber Mum.  I do live in hope though...

Needless to say The Farmchildren are super excited and have been "googling" the Zoo to see what is on.  Farmboy loves the word "google" and if I don't know about something he just gives me an exasperated look and says

"Just go and google it Mum."

We are looking forward to our little city jaunt.  I hope you all have a great Wednesday,  wherever you are.

Old Shed, Not Ikea Like At All


Annette Piper said...

Oh yes, IKEA. I love it but so rarely get there. Take every opportunity you can get to go there and maybe all those little containers will stack up to being organised one day :)

Emma said...

There is something about shopping at Ikea that makes you feel impressively organised,but that fails to translate into real life. Oh well, I live in hope! Enjoy your time in the city!

BushBelles said...

We all wish we lived near Ikea don't we.

G said...

Ooo, lucky you... enjoy. Love Ikea too. It's presence is felt in most rooms throughout the house at SJW. gxo

Not A Ballerina said...

"Just go and google it Mum" - aren't we living in a new era! Little City Boy isn't talking yet of course, but I have already thought I must be grateful that I live in the Google era so I can just whip out my iPhone or iPad (because I've well and truly taken myself into the Google era!!) and answer his impossible questions reasonably quickly.

Enjoy Ikea. I love it and find it a very comforting place to visit in other parts of the world too. It's even more the same everywhere than McDonald's is. (Having said that I hate going to McDonald's when I'm travelling. Ikea though ...!).

A Farmer's Wife said...

Annette - Thank you for commenting. I think each visit marginally improves my organisation.

Emma - Thank you, we loved our trip to The City!

Bushbelles - We sure do.

Georgie - Ikea is a bit of a staple with us too. Particularly the kids rooms.

Not A Ballerina - I am jealous that you have an iPad. Loved Ikea. I do venture into McDonalds sometimes when traveling for exactly those reasons.