January 29, 2011

A Summer Storm

Our holiday has finally come to an end.  We want to be back on The Farm by tomorrow as there is the threat of some rough weather due to Tropical Cyclone Bianca making her way down the Western Australian coast.  On the off chance she crosses near us we think a weatherboard beach house is probably not the place to be.  Likewise, as with any summer storm, the fire risk on The Farm is huge and we would feel more comfortable being there to deal with anything that may occur.

Tropical Cyclones do not usually come this far down the Western Australian coast but it is not unknown.  One of my first childhood memories is of my mother tucking towels under doors in our home in the Great Southern.  It was 1978 and Cyclone Alby was tracking right down toward Albany.  I am not sure why it stands out in my mind. Perhaps because it was the first time I had seen my parents worried.

Last night we had some thunder and lightning pass over at about 3.30 am.  Both Farmchildren wound up in our bed with their hands over their ears.  Farmgirl was worried the lightning would come through the window and Farmboy just didn't like "the bangs".

Living on The Farm we are so influenced by the weather.  I don't have time to write much this morning but I did write a whole post devoted to the weather when I first started to blog.  Click here if you want to take a look.

Take care everyone, wherever you are.

We Will Be Here Again


Amanda said...

So unheard of having cyclones around Perth isn't it - stay safe x

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Take care and stay safe, AFW family!

SSG xxx

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Annette Piper said...

I know what this is like - the dash home to the farm to make sure everything is OK / you're there in case anything goes wrong. I hope everything is/remains fine. Travel safe.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thank you all- it is actually lovely to be home and it looks like the weather situation has settled right down. We still have a fire risk apparently but they have downgraded it considerably.

a country wife said...

We are currently in Melbourne on holidays, so have been ringing home for updates on how our farm is weathering the storm! I couldn't believe it when hubby told me WA was facing a cyclone! I hope you stay safe and there isn't too much damage. Would you mind me asking where in the Great Southern your farm is? We are east of Katanning xx

a country wife said...

PS I love your new look blog!

A Farmer's Wife said...

We aren't in the Great Southern now, was just in Mt Barker as a child. Now in the wheatbelt area.