February 9, 2011

Listography - 5 Things I Would Like For Valentine's Day

I am linking up again with Kate from Kate Takes 5 for her Listography link up.  This week the topic is "5 Things I Would Like For Valentine's Day".

I must admit I have struggled with this one - mainly because I will be surprised if I get anything for Valentine's Day!  The Farmer and I don't make a huge deal of it.  I will be lucky if I get a card and some flowers. To be honest I won't be upset if even that is not forthcoming....

Anyway - in a perfect world, this is what I would like.

1.  For The Farmer To Remember Valentine's Day.

Whether he does or doesn't will largely be up to me.  After being married for several years I have decided that it is useless expecting the male of the outfit to remember important anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day etc.  Basically, as the wife/female partner, it is your job to remind him.  Constantly.  I have discovered lots of ways to do this. Emails, notes and other hints that aren't subtle at all tend to work best.

In the words of Jilly Cooper

"The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness, can be trained to do most things."
So ladies - train your man well.

2.  Flowers

I am not fussy.  A bunch picked from the garden would be perfect.

Lovely Nanna Flowers

3.  A Bottle Of Champagne

Actually it doesn't even have to be the French stuff (although I wouldn't say no).  A bottle of good Australian Sparkling would do the trick.

Sparkling Bubbly

4.  For Someone Else To Cook Dinner

A meal cooked by anyone else would hit the spot.

5.  Bling

While this is very unlikely to come my way for Valentine's Day, I definitely wouldn't complain....  (Actually I shouldn't complain anyway because The Farmer has been very generous in the jewellery giving department over the years.  Darling, on the off chance you are reading this, I appreciate it.)


Kate said...

Clever. You went for stuff he could actually get you. Now print off 200 copies of this and leave scattered around the house, car, farm, kids...

BushBelles said...

Here, here, totally agree, love your list, especially #1

Anonymous said...

Flowers - I'd love flowers too. I love to have them in the house - they just make me happy. (might just have to buy them for myself thou!!)

Sydney Shop Girl said...


I am so tempted to do a list even though I am a non-believer.

By the way, thank you for your gift! It arrived this morning. Saving it to open tonight. I am touched.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

BookChook said...

Bless their hearts, they do need prompting, don't they. I have noticed subtle hints are wasted and now put love huge hearts in his diary and weekly calendar. Over the years, I have gone very often for plants and now I walk around the garden saying "That's a heliconia, remember you got that for me on Valentine's Day?" and I find that's excellent reinforcement.

Not that it makes any difference to his remembering, but it shows him I appreciate and remember!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thank you everyone.

Kate - Will get onto the list distribution

BushBelles - Glad you agree with number 1

Caz - I always adore flowers. Unfortunately this time of year my garden is so dry not much is flowering...

SSG - Would love to read your list. So glad the pressie arrived safe and sound.

The Book Chook -Subtle hints just don't seem to do it!

Andrea said...

I might have to pass on your list to my significant other. He believes 'valentines day' is commercialised xxxxshit. I think he is just making excuses.

Notes To Self Plus Two said...

Nice, hope you got your wishes!
... I doubled up with Kate's linky this week. Over at mine there is a weekly linky thing I Heart Me, all about mummy bloggers taking time out to blog for "me".

This week is "what gifts would you buy yourself for Valentines Day." Your post could link, double linky fun!

I ♥ Me at Notes to Self Plus Two

Great to find your blog xxx