February 22, 2011

Listography - My 5 Ingredients For A Perfect Day

Mmmm - Kate over at Kate Takes 5 has come up with a great topic for Listography this week.  The idea is to compile a list of the 5 ingredients for your perfect day.

To start with, my perfect day would have to be spent by the sea. I have also added a few essential "props" like household staff and a huge house.  That's Ok isn't it?

Here is how I think it should go.

1.  The Option To Sleep In

Sometimes I like to sleep in and sometimes I don't.  What I would really like is to actually be able to make a choice when I wake up. Do I roll over and go back to sleep, or slowly come to and pad around in a peaceful early morning house with a cup of coffee?   Given this has been a choice I haven't been able to make since sometime in about 2005, it would be a great start to my perfect day.

2. An Outing To The Beach

I would love to be able to go with The Farmer and The Farmchildren to a beautiful beach for a swim.  Given that it is my perfect day, obviously the kids would be perfectly behaved and do exactly as they were told the whole time. (Right about now I can't help thinking that I would have to be living in some sort of weird parallel universe for this to happen but anyway...)

3.  Lunch With Friends

Then I would like to head home (to my huge Hamptons style dream beach house) and have a gorgeous lunch prepared by my personal chef and butler (who obviously looks like George Clooney, only taller)  All my close friends and family would be there.  Particularly the ones who live far away and I don't get to see very much.  Fortunately my perfect day beach house is so big there would be room for all of them....

4.  A Nap

I love a good afternoon sleep.

5.  Sunset Drinks Followed By Dinner At Some Beachy Restaurant.

Some nice champagne (French), some great white wine (NZ and dry please) and yummy fresh seafood.  The same friends as lunch time.  The kids could come as long as they had a nanny type to entertain them.
And take them home at bed time.


G said...

If your perfect day ever looks like materialising... please invite me along too. It's all sounds just... well, perfect! gxo

Sarah said...

Sounds like perfection AFW! And I love your choc. slice recipe from your previous post by the way....(from Semi Expat) X

Emma said...

This list is perfect!

Tales of a Tai Tai said...

Great list. Isn't funny that we all want a dip in the ocean? I think its in our blood as Aussies. Heavenly day x

Sydney Shop Girl said...

I love this list, AFW!

I am inspired. Would Kate mind if I tagged along, I wonder?

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Hello Vintage said...

I would also have my perfect day at the beach. Nothing better.

Kate said...

SSG - Gret your ingredients together right away!
Farmer's Wife - I like a lady who takes things to the next level...Now why did I not think of the staff..?

Anonymous said...

SSG - everyone's welcome!!

I love how everyone's list involves food too. At least once if not more times!!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks everyone - SSG I seriously think you should jump on board. I, for one, would love to read some of your lists...

Anonymous said...

I'm in zen-like mode now after reading your list... sounds heavenly!