February 13, 2011

Wildlife. Heavy Machinery Gets All Poetic.

It has been a pretty relaxed Sunday here on The Farm.  We went for a drive and saw this guy (or girl?) sitting in amongst some Australian Grass Trees.


This is what we would call a "Euro".  I think in some areas of Australia it would be called a "wallaroo". Basically it is about half way between a kangaroo and wallaby in size.  For overseas readers - a wallaby is a smaller stockier type of kangaroo.  Anyway - this one today was more than happy to sit up and pose for a photo.  Very obliging wildlife on The Farm.

Our next stop was a close inspection of the heavy machinery we have currently hired to undertake some "clean up" and other heavy jobs around the farm.  Basically we are flattening some areas and clearing rocks etc. The Farmer gets very excited about things like loaders.  I must admit I don't always manage to conjure up quite the same level of excitement...

Here is a huge loader.

Really Big CAT Loader With Small CAT Loader In Background

Here is a huge dump truck.

Really Big CAT Dump Truck

We did all have a ride in the dump truck - Farmgirl was very excited and has named the truck "Mr Dumpy".  We actually own a much smaller dump truck that we call "Daisy".  She's getting a bit old though so we save her for the little jobs...   The smaller loader in the background of the top picture is also ours.  It is surprisingly useful when it comes to gardening.

I am sitting here struggling to come up with appropriate and interesting adjectives to describe such heavy machinery.  So I have decided to write a haiku to make the words sound more exciting.

Big loader and truck
Yellow, heavy and dirty
Very useful gear
Mmmm - sounds a bit better.  But not much.

Hope everyone has had a brilliant weekend.
Take care, wherever you are.


Sydney Shop Girl said...


It's been ages since I've read one.

Being a city slicker, the truck and Euro photos were greatly appreciated.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Hello Vintage said...

'Mr Dumpy' - love it. :)

G said...

Very poetic, love the euro pic. gxo

Makeminemidcentury said...

You're funny.

I don't mind the odd haiku.

I'll write one just for you. Here goes ...

A new blog. Yippee.
First she follow me then I
As well follow her.

The Distressed Mother said...

Ahh haiku reminds me too much of work and grade 5 english. You're very clever for writing one though. They're beyond me.

Make Do Style said...

Love some heavy machinery!!!

Fiona said...

Nothing like a little machinery to get a farmer's heart a-beating fast!

Emma said...

Oh my your farm is little boy paradise! All that machinery and my two would be beside themselves. The grass trees are absolutely spectacular, the size of them and some of them look like double and triple headers! Magnificent!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Everyone - Glad you like the photos. And the haiku!

Make Mine Mid Century - A special thank you for your haiku. Such talent.