March 29, 2011

KFC Farmstyle Via SSG. A Blog Award

I have just returned from the school bus run.  There is something about watching Farmboy's skinny little six year old legs climbing those school bus steps that makes my heart twinge every time...

I was inspired by my lovely friend Sydney Shop Girl to make a home version of KFC including the sweet potato wedges.

After a fruitless search of the shelves of the local IGA, I was unable to find Panko bread crumbs.  After asking the assistant and being faced with a "what the hell are they?" type look, I gave in and bought the good old Anchor bread crumbs instead.  So if my version looks slightly less finessed than SSG's efforts, I shall happily blame the bread crumbs.  Skinless chicken drumsticks were also sadly lacking and so I used plain boneless chicken thighs.

Basically I flattened the thighs a little, dunked them in natural yoghurt, rolled them in the bog basic bread crumbs and popped them in the fridge for about 2 hours.  Then I just baked them in a moderate oven for about 30-40 minutes. (Unlike SSG I didn't add parmesan or herbs to the bread crumbs, The Farmchildren have a habit of rejecting even a hint of parmesan....)

The sweet potato wedges were super easy.  I just chopped up a sweet potato into rough wedge shapes, coated them in a little olive oil and some salt and baked them.

The end result was really, really yummy.  I served the chicken with a sauce made from a mix of sour cream and sweet chilli sauce (I didn't want to get too gourmet, given that I was channeling Colonel Saunders).

KFC Farmstyle

I have also received a blog award.  This is the Liebster blog award and it came from ANB over at Suburban Sonnet.  She has a gorgeous blog that is well worth a look.  Thank you ANB.

I have to admit I have tried and tried to get the little award logo to transfer to this post but have failed miserably!  Oh dear.  I think, under the circumstances, I might not pass the award on at present because I have inundated lots of people with awards recently. (And I can't even get the award to come up on my post...) Instead I thought I would just give a mention to a beginner blogger I have just discovered.  Off To The Park is a brand new blog.  Go and have a visit if you have free time.

Anyway, enough procrastination for me today I think.  I need to go and sort out the post breakfast carnage in my kitchen.

Enjoy Tuesday!


The Distressed Mother said...

I might have to give that KFC a try. I'll do it with breast fillets and let you know how it goes!


Tales of a Tai Tai said...

Congrats on the award and the home made dirty bird (aka KFC). I'm impressed!! Thanks for pointing out a new blog too! xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks everyone. I was very excited about the success of the "KFC" - bit sad how excited I was really!