March 27, 2011

Sparkly Pink Shoes, A Hockey Stick And Udon Noodles For Dinner

Here I am, back a day earlier than predicted.  We have had a hugely busy but fun weekend.  The Farm Family wound up in Perth doing stacks of jobs, shopping etc.  It is nice sometimes to have a little taste of city life and The Farmchildren love doing exciting city things (like riding up and down the escalators over and over again).

Farmgirl has got a new pair of shoes.  She loves shoes, particularly pink and blingy shoes.  These fit the bill  perfectly.

Very Sparkly Pink Shoes

I am living for the day that Farmgirl lets me choose her shoes...  In the meantime she bypasses all the gorgeous navy suede ballet flats and goes for as much pink and bling as possible.  Just for the record, these are the most sparkly shoes available in Betts For Kids for AW 2011... Farmgirl examined every single pair.

Farmboy didn't go without.  He has decided that Hockey is the sport for him and he is now kitted out.

Look - he has a new stick.

Very Small Minkey Stick

I did OK too (shopping being one of my skills and all).  I discovered the new David Jones in Claremont and stocked up on two new pairs of jeans.  Does anyone else buy duplicate jeans when they find their favourite brand etc?  The Farmer just doesn't understand the concept.  So I neglect to tell him and let him think I am much more efficient at the washing than I really am.

Given that seeding is coming up, and I am about to have to go on a cooking marathon, I decided not to cook at all in Perth.  We got takeaway and went out to eat.  It was lovely, particularly because we do it so rarely.  The Farmer and I took The Farmchildren to their favourite Japanese restaurant.  It has one of those conveyor belt type arrangement and the kids love choosing what they are going to eat. Udon noodles are always a sure fire hit too.  We had such a good time. I took this super dodgy photo of our table at the end of the meal....  It is very blurry but kind of sums up our evening.

Messy Table


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Looked like a lovely and productive trip to Perth, AFW!

Thank you so much for the Fancy Apricot Chicken from a few posts back. It is So Good.

Take care

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Bungalowgirl said...

Sounds like you shopped and ate up a blast. Now back to work girl those seeds await. Totally agree about the jeans thing, I usually get 2, sometimes 3 pairs if they actually fit in a flattering way. Legoman has been converted too as if we buy 2-3 pairs he only has to shop every 5 years instead of every 2 years! He hates all shopping unless it involves an apple store or lego.

Bungalowgirl said...

Forgot to add, pity those pink bling numbers don't come in your size- I'm sure they would be snake repelling.

Glow said...

Yep I buy doubles of fabulous pieces that fit! I once had a pair of pants in three different colours because I was an awkward between-sizes size and they were perfect! I think I may have cried when they were all worn out.

Anonymous said...

All for the washing illusion :)

I'm So Fancy said...

Love the shoes! Very Fancy!