March 21, 2011

Very Random Thoughts For Monday Morning

Monday morning has rolled around again.  Is it just me or are the weeks getting shorter?  Anyway my Monday morning started with Farmboy announcing he had had a very bad dream.  When asked about the content of the said bad dream he replied

"I dreamt I had to marry a pineapple.  A really ugly pineapple."

After much consoling and reassurance that, under no circumstances, would he ever be forced to marry fruit, we pushed on with the morning. He is now safely ensconced on the school bus and Farmgirl is watching ABC Kids so I am squeezing in a quick blog post and another cup of coffee.

Yesterday I had a very close encounter with the chook shed snake. Regular readers will know that there have been a few sightings of this elusive reptile and several chooks have succumbed to snake bite symptoms.

When I was collecting the eggs last night I heard a rustle through the straw near the chook shed wall.  The rustle continued all the way along the wall and then a tail was sighted disappearing under the corrugated iron. Let me just say I got out of that chook shed at a rate of knots.  I debated grabbing my poly pipe (which is propped near the chook pen for just such a purpose) and investigating but decided that discretion is the better part of valour. Besides, I strongly believe that dealing with snakes is The Farmer's job.  I will only get amongst it under extreme circumstances and only then if The Farmer is absent.

The only problem is I left half the eggs behind and am now too bloody scared to go back and get them!

Oh well - hopefully the weather will cool down enough that the snakes will hibernate for another year....

The Farm Family departed for a brief overnight stay at The Beach House on the weekend.  We all needed a bit of a break, so we headed out at about midday on Saturday.  Dinner was yummy fish and chips and we had some friends around for champagne as well.  After a lovely breakfast and quick swim on Sunday morning we were back on The Farm by lunch time.  It was great to get away though, and gave everyone a bit of a change of scene.

Anyway I think I had better stop procrastinating and get going on the mountain of washing that seems to have appeared on the laundry floor. Where does it come from?

The Farm Driveway - Looking Pretty Damn Hip


Makeminemidcentury said...

Children and farmers shed dirty clothes the way snakes shed skins.

I'd much prefer to deal with the first variety of shed.

And get that snake out of the chicken shed!

You're lucky to be alive.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Full points from me for even entering the chook shed!

That is an awesome farm driveway. If I've not said it before, I'll say it now. I could run up and down that gravel all morning if I could.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

A Farmer's Wife said...

MMMC - That snake is very elusive. We have tried so hard to find it and filled in all the holes etc. Snakes unfortunately cover about a two km radius. There had been no sightings for about 8 weeks so we were hoping it had moved on! Wish I could have safely reached the poly pipe yesterday.... (Although more people are bitten trying to kill snakes than any other snake related activity so may be it was better I didn't try!!!!)

LPC said...

Hahahahaha! Dreamed of marrying a bad pineapple. Childhood. How wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Your trip to the beach house sounds so lovely. Funny how a change of scene, if only one night, lifts everyone's spirits.

G said...

Loving the driveway... those trees look lovely! G x

Fiona said...

Hhhhmmm, a pineapple for a daughter-in-law!
Not even going to go there.

thatblogyoudo said...

Ugh Snakes.. Hope i never find any in my chook shed.. Did you go back for the eggs??

The Distressed Mother said...

Eeek I'm yet to encounter one in the chook pen, hoping I don't. You're very brave.


Unknown said...

Eeeew, a snake! I think the eggs can wait until The Farmer can do it. In fact, he can do it the whole summer, hey?

And when you discover where that dirty washing comes from, can you please let me know? Have a wonderful week. xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks everyone. The eggs are still there. Knowing my luck the snake has probably eaten them...

I loved the fact that not only was Farmboy worried about marrying a pineapple but he was upset that it wasn't a goodlooking pineapple!