April 5, 2011

Burning Off The House Paddock

In November I wrote a post about harvesting the house paddock.  Yesterday The Farmer spent the afternoon burning that paddock.  It was a mild day and the result is what we call a cool burn.  (Which is a bit of a misnomer, but anyway...)

Here is a photo from a similar angle to the ones I took at harvest.

Burning The House Paddock, Farmgirl As Fire Inspector

The Farmer drove his ute up and down the paddock with a fire starter on the back.  The Farmer was a bit put out that his ute didn't feature in my recent ute post so I promised him I would pop in a photo.

So - here is his ute, all kitted up for burning off.

The Farmer's Ute (Real Man Ute, Not Glamour Boy Ute)

He was only burning the wind rows in our house paddock.  Wind rows are the areas of the paddock where the canola was piled up in long rows to wait for harvesting.  Now they look like black stripes going up and down the paddock.

Lots of little fires just slowly crept along the wind rows, like this.

Flames Creeping Along Wind Rows

When the sun went down there were lots of little fires glowing on the hill.  The Farmchildren loved this bit.

Looking West

So, I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday and enjoyed the little update on our house paddock!


rosie said...

Everyone is doing the same thing down here. We only have a few little paddocks to do, and we are waiting for these to dry off.. Happy farming..

Tales of a Tai Tai said...

That first photo is incredible! What a great shot of Australian farmland xx

G said...

We were covered in the neighbour's smoke just the other day... incredible at night... if the wind is not blowing our way! Georgie x

The Distressed Mother said...

Such an education we are receiving! Love the pics too.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

The Real Man Ute looks very capable.

That final photo of the little fires glowing is magical.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Anonymous said...

It's strange to see a photo of a fire and not feel scared by it. Love the name of the Ute!

Semi Expat said...

Love this post and the photographs - gorgeous Australian landscape... x