May 9, 2011

Seeding In The Dust

We are still flat out seeding here on The Farm.  Seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, we have our air seeders going around the paddock.  It is still dusty and quite horrible out there.  Rain is tentatively forecast for next weekend.  My father-in-law has farmed all his life and seems fairly comfortable that it will rain at some point.

Last night we all had a family dinner at the local pub.  The publican had the rainfall records for the district from the 1880s.  We noted that in May of 1882 they only had the equivalent of 7.2 ml, so dry Mays are not unknown. (No records on what the crop was like in 1882 though...) I can remember that we had absolutely no rain in May in 2005.  And the crop was OK.  Apparently a dry May is OK if we get a wet June.  Here's hoping.

Anyway - I have finally got myself out to the paddock and taken some photos of the air seeders.  Here is one in all its dusty glory.

Air Seeder And Dust Plume

I decided that it all looked a bit dry and depressing so I grabbed my iPhone and went for a hipper look.  It kind of worked...

Hip Tractor With Dust Plume

Basically the tractor is pulling a big trailer which carries seed and fertiliser. These are stored in two big bins - behind these is the bar which has lots of hoses and metal blades.  Each metal blade makes a trench into which the seed and fertiliser is dropped.  Then a little wheel gizmo covers the trench again.

When it is less dusty I will try and get some close up photos.  At the moment if I get any closer I just photograph dust!

Anyway - I had better get moving and make sure Farmboy gets to that school bus on time.

Enjoy your Mondays!


G said...

Here's hoping you get some rain... we've had an inch overnight to freshen things up and fill up the tanks... gxo

todd carr said...

cool post, I look forward to seeing the progress. hope you get some rain and wishing for that wet june.

Not A Ballerina said...

Wow, the seeders are really going 24/7? I'm such a city girl!!! I'm assuming that although they are probably noisy they are far enough from houses that you all still sleep in that lovely country quiet? Hope so. Hope for some rain for you too.

deux chiens et un garcon said...

I can feel the grit of the dust in my teeth. The iphone take adds a lot of atmosphere. My son would love to see the seeder. Brrmm brmmm...

Good luck with the precpitation. May it come soon.

jill x