May 23, 2011

Tractors, Cute Baby Cows And A Thank You.

It has been a beautiful sunny autumn day here on The Farm.  You can tell it rained last week - otherwise there is no way I would be describing a sunny day as beautiful.

Our tractors are still going around and around.  We are all tired and a bit over it.  With the exception of two days over Easter, it has now been 7 weeks of non stop work.  The Farmer is leaving the house at 5.30am and not returning until anywhere between 8 and 11pm.  (This includes the weekends.)  To be honest I think we have all managed pretty well, but are feeling very weary now.

The good news is The Farmer thinks we may have all our crop in by the end of the week.  Yay and big huge double yay.

One of our seeding rigs was parked up this morning getting serviced. Thank heaven the dust is no longer an issue.

Seeding - Dust Free

Farmgirl and I went to visit one of my friends this afternoon to help her feed two baby calves that she is caring for.  They are very cute but require quite a bit of attention in the first week or so.

Baby Cow - Very Cute

We don't have cattle on our farm, we do run sheep but most of our business revolves around cropping.  Farmgirl thought the calves were pretty special.

Given that I am planning a beef casserole recipe for tomorrow's post I might stop waxing lyrical about the cuteness of calves...  There is no escaping the reality of where meat comes from on The Farm.

Last week I wrote a post containing advice for would be farmer's wives. Whilst the post was mainly funny it obviously struck a chord with lots of people.  Thank you for your kind comments and particularly for the emails I received from various readers.  Life in the country can be very hard at times and I loved the fact that so many people got some comfort from my funny little post...  Thank you again.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Hello AFW!

I've been so slack in reading your blog whilst I've been away. Just got home today.

I have lots of reading to do tomorrow!

Take care

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Makeminemidcentury said...

That is a cute cow. The two farm blogs I follow - yours and Cattle, Kids and Chaos are always reminding me of where my Weiner Schnitzel comes from! It's good to be reminded.

You're such a nice person and you have my utmost respect. I just went back and read that post. It must be hard on the land. I don't know how farmers and their families do it - being at the mercy of the elements, praying for rain or praying for it to stop. I couldn't do it.

I went to boarding school and there were a lot of girls from properties. They were the most down-to-earth and normal people in the school. They all knew how to work hard, they were all very funny and they were, on the whole, humble and appreciative of their parents working so hard to give them a good education.

Blogging must be a good outlet for you.

Emma said...

My husband has his own business and is also away A LOT! I know how hard it is when they' are away for weeks on end and you have no respite. Starting the day with coffee and ending it with wine seems to work for me! Lots of tea in between! Glad to hear you think it is all done though. Like MMMC I went to boarding-school with lots of country kids and gravitated towards them for their humour, practicality and compassion. x

Faux Fuchsia said...

just to remind you that I am loving your blog sick and laughing out loud about the 101 of Farm Wifery xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

That baby cow is way too cute!! Hope the crops are all in soon and farmer comes back to his wifey!!

Rachel said...

I love this sentence: 'Given that I am planning a beef casserole recipe for tomorrow's post I might stop waxing lyrical about the cuteness of calves.'

Your life so often sounds positively blissful - calves, casserole 'n all.

Scotty Lover said...

Here in the Wimmera we had a bit of rain this week. Consquently the farmers, and their big tractors were going burko - every field I drove past tonight had a huge tractor in it doing stuff. I would like to think planting seed.
The farmers are in for a long night tonight, as the rush is on before the next rain comes.

Keep writing and I will keep reading.

I'm So Fancy said...

And again, the Farmer keeps banker's hours. But a limo pick up and a tractor are slightly different. Hmmm keep going...:-)