June 2, 2011

Country Style Mud, The Odd Bogged Tractor And Other Random Stuff.

Well, hello again.  You know how I have been whinging non-stop about dust since January...  Guess what?  Now we have mud.  Yay and double yay!

The Farmhouse driveway looks like this today.

Main Homestead Driveway

It's hard to believe that I took this dusty photo of the air seeder just over a fortnight ago.

When I first moved to this district we often had a wet May and June. Sometimes it even got too wet.  Our main issue when we were seeding used to be that our paddocks would get too wet and muddy. Then our gear would get so bogged we would have to pull up for a few days.  I can remember listening to the two-way radio and hearing that someone was bogged.  I would know The Farmer would be late home as he would have to go and pull them out.

It hasn't been like that here for the last five years. So everyone is super excited about all this rain.  People are walking around town laughing about getting bogged because it hasn't happened for so long. Of course soon all this rain will get too much and people will start to complain (Because we are farmers and complaining about the weather is something that we are supposed to do...)

There is still lots happening on The Farm.  We are mainly trying to get organised to spray our emergent crops in between showers of rain.  I have been meaning to get out into the paddock to take some more photos.  I have been a bit scared, as while my four wheel driving skills are pretty good these days, I don't want to get bogged and have to have someone come and pull me out with a tractor.  This is terribly embarrassing and wastes everyone's time. (The Farmchildren love it though!)

Now, knowing how everyone likes a good heavy machinery photo on this blog, I have found this from the "archives".  I took it last year, but later in the season.  At the time there had been some rain and this self propelled sprayer had actually got bogged (I honestly think this was the only time anyone got bogged on The Farm last year).  Look at that back wheel!

Self Propelled Sprayer, Quite Stuck


Semi Expat said...

Glad you have rain - know you farmers LOVE a bit of rain (the correct amount mind you!) One for farmboy today though with all that mud - in his element - loved the pics of farmgirl from your last post - no wonder she loves FF's blog! She is adorable in her pink - love her fairy costumes. xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Semi Expat. We are planning a "mud" outing on the weekend when Farmboy is not at school!

Fiona said...

Pleased you're getting rain over there. You're obviously very good farmers!

Emma said...

Hurray, I can finally comment! As FG loves FF's blog (how could you not!), my 2 adore looking at the photos of the machinery of your blog. They are very envious of FG and FB! x

A Farmer's Wife said...

Emma - Yay- Have been trying to fix the comment issue today (I was feeling unloved) Apparently if your comments are in a pop up and not embedded blogger will cooperate.

Fiona - We try hard!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

how interesting and full adventure your life must be. Fb and FG must have so much fun.