June 23, 2011

Cushions For A Thursday.

I have a confession to make.  I am not very good at crafty type things. It is like I am the Anti-Craft. I can't sew, knit, paint, make jewellery, do patchwork, crochet or applique or anything.  (To be completely honest, I don't even really want to.)    However I absolutely love hand crafted things.  I just need someone else to make them for me. That's why I love Etsy.  I am continually astounded by the stunning things that some clever, crafty people are able to make.

Recently I had a little Etsy browse looking for a few things to buy for The New House.  And I found a gorgeous Etsy shop called Word Garden.  It has got lots of lovely cushions and things, most of which are in neutral colours and beautiful without being prissy.  Encouraged by the excellent exchange rate with the US$ I got clicking and bought three cushions.

They arrived yesterday and came all wrapped up beautifully in a stylish box.  I love it when I open internet shopping packages and it feels like I am getting a present.

Look - they even had a cute little card.

Cushions And A Card From Sarah at Word Garden

Here are all three.   All the cushions are made of a natural, linen type fabric. The one with the text on it is my absolute favourite.  The photo is not overly stylish - I have started packing in preparation for our move and it's all starting to look a bit bare.

So there you go.  Some cushions to brighten up Thursday.

(No compensation for this post - just adored the cushions and thought you all might too)


Makeminemidcentury said...

Sometimes you've got to just let experts do what experts do, and pay them for it.

If circumstances required it, I'd never remove my own appendix, for instance. Same for some soft furnishings.

Fiona said...

Absolutley gorgeous. I love neutrals ... I'm just a beige kind of girl I guess.
I'm with you on the craft front ... cooking's as creative as I get.

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

ooo - so glad you posted about these pillows - have a friend that would be very interested - i think they're just what she's looking for.
exciting about the move - when do you anticipate the move??
cheryl xox.

Emma said...

They are gorgeous, longing to see what you do with them in the new house! I seriously can't wait to see more of the new house! x

Semi Expat said...

Oh they are really lovely... especially love the birdcage one and thanks for letting us in on the secret. x

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

They are gorgeous! I try to avoid Etsy, it is the home of temptation. Although if you are after a laugh, check out regretsy.

It is times like these that I wish I had a neutral couch, there would be many more cushion options than are offered by my red/black/yellow/maroon strips - honestly it is a lot nicer than that sounds.

Rachel said...

Those are gorgeous! Thank goodness for Etsy :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! The Anti-craft. :)

Bungalowgirl said...

Great cushions, I like the birdcage one best too. Looking forward to your new house design plans featuring on a blog post......
I love parcels arriving, unfortunately at Betsy's they have a tendency to be Lego, Dyson car cleaning kits or computer thingamies. I haven't done a transpacific order yet but am coveting a vintage bonnet for Liongirl, maybe I should just do it. melx

kexkez said...

What lovely cushions. I loved the tree one and the butterfly pair. Shared the etsy site with a friend who loves anything butterfly or Paris themed. :) Had a huge giggle and head scratch at regretsy :)
Thank you for sharing.