June 30, 2011

What Sort Of Wife Are You?

I have been thinking a lot about the TV show Kath and Kim recently.  I have no idea why.  (Actually, now I think about it, I do know why. It's because Julia Gillard reminds me of Kath and Julia seems to be everywhere in the media at present.)  Anyway, digressing, so back to Kath and Kim.  My favourite all time Kath and Kim line went something like this.

Kath:  You aren't a very good wife Kim.

Kim:  Mum, I can be all the types of wife.  Stepford, trophy, house and fish.

(It may not have gone exactly as written above - I have tried googling it and can't find the quote anywhere. Random googling of Kath and Kim produces funny results if you are in need of time wasting techniques.)

Now I would never meet trophy wife criteria, however I do seem to switch between being a Stepford wife and a fish wife fairly rapidly.

Some days I am cruising along with a lovely clean house, well behaved kids and a super stylish wardrobe.  This may happen more often in my mind than it does in real life. (A wife's got to dream you know.)

Other days I am smack bang in the middle of fishwife territory.  Daggy trackies, ugg boots, a chaotic house and a voice that screeches like some sort of crazed cockatoo.

As for the house wife criteria - that's a constant.

I'm intrigued though - am I the only wife (or partner or mother) out there who is a chameleon wife?  Or are you just a foxymoron on a daily basis?

A Stepford Wife Grew These.

(Big apologies to all my international readers. The above will make no sense and I promise I will return to more farm-like stuff soon.  There is a lot of mud here at present - I sense some photos of bogged tractors any day now.)


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

I've never watched Kath & Kim, i know who they are, i've tried to watch, i just don't get it, at all, but . . . sure, i flip between the mummy dropping children off at private school & zooming off with my yoga mat, dressing like the professional designer i at my Shop, or just in jeans, make up free as i'm going home to clean the house!! I think it goes with the stages of life you're in too - when i was a slim, young, mother of one in the oil industry, i looked pretty fabulous every day, well until i was pregnant with twins & so green with morning sickness, not to mention on crutches as the pregnancy weighed me down . . . it was 10 years ago but a bit stage in my life which lead me to full time motherhood & gladly taking on the house wife title full time. I have a new category for you too, Army wife, we're the everything wife & husband all wrapped into one!! Love Posie

Rachel said...

I reckon I'm a 'foul-mouthed hippie wife' if that's a thing.

Joolz said...

Well, first I'd like to say " Oi am hoigh maintenance, but I think you've gotta be..." (Season 1, Ep 1)

Ah, love Kath & Kim! We quote it daily in our house!

I think I am all of those wives - neat, clean freak/screaming for something to be picked or wiped up NOW!/oozing gentile manners and cool elegance...well somedays...!

Cheers - Joolz

Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

Hilarious!!! I love Kath and Kim also. In regards to the 'type' of wife I am - I think I'm the same sort of chameleon wife as you. Good to know there is more than 1 of us. Ange

Semi Expat said...

Totally funny - LOVE that quote... ! And as I survey the kitchen which so needs a good tidy up (and here I am just reading blogs !) I feel guiltily Fishwife today!! And so agree that Julia G is like Kath. XX

Tas said...

Depends on the day here. I have thrown out all my old baggy tracky daks I must day. Now I spend all day in my moccy slippers wearing jeans lol.

I'm So Fancy said...

Alas, my "job" is to be a trophy/Stepford combo. Unfortunately for H, my inner fish shines through all too often!

River said...

I'm not actually a wife anymore, but I do know I've never been a trophy or a fishwife. Laid back low maintenance wife, that was me. Certainly never a stepford wife.

Annette Piper said...

Yep, housewife and definitely a fishwife when the kids are naughty. (It's times like that that I'm glad the neighbour is so far away!) Occasionally a Stepford and I may have even fallen into the category of Trophy once or twice, with lots of time to get ready, many years ago. Before kids. You remember then? LOL.

Bungalowgirl said...

Hmm, Definitely not stepford as I am not thin, blonde or glamorous. Trophy? Well, does having great hair count? Think big, curly and comparisons with Cher in my heyday.
Housewife is also dubious as cleaning is not my number one priority but I do paint, sand and get my hands dirty.
I think that just leaves me with a very generous serve of fish to go! My fav line from K&K- "mum, I just want to be effluent" melx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks everyone. Can't say how glad I am that I am not the only fish wife out there.

I agree with joolz about being hoigh maintenance- sometimes you do just have to be.

Tammy said...

I'm currently starring as fishwife.