July 16, 2011

Crazy Times.

Wow - this week has just sped by.  Today I have to leave The Beach House, head home to The Farm and start packing to move house next weekend.  Aaaaah!  Not sure how that crept up on me.

Anyway, given that this week is going to be super hectic, I have been worried about how I would find time to blog.  It's OK though, I came up with a plan.  After cruising through the archives last weekend while linking up my first post at And Then There Were Four, I realised there is some stuff in there that is not complete rubbish.  So I am planning a little Life In The Country Restrospective.  Each day I will link up an older post that I like.

I am also linking up again this weekend at And Then There Were Four for the Weekend Rewind.  Pop over and have a look at the links if you have any spare time.

So there we go - I apologise to the very few but very loyal first readers who have been around since the start for boring you with repeat material.  Hopefully I will be back on board the week after next.

Take care.

We Are Heading Here!


BushBelles said...

Good luck with your move, hope it all goes well!

Naturally Carol said...

All the best with the big move! I am looking forward to some oldies but goodies as I am only a new follower.

Tania said...

Moving into your new home, how exciting. Hope it all goes well for you.

In the meantime I will enjoy looking over your older posts which will be new to me.

Happy moving :)

Fiona said...

All the best with the big week ahead. Your new home looks beautiful.

Penny's Portraits said...

How exciting to be moving into a new house, however stressful it is. Looking forward to reading some older posts :)

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Wishing you s hassle free, calm move, if there culd ever be one.

A tre house amongst the gum trees, bliss.


River said...

Your new home looks beautiful and surrounded by trees too! (Just what I always wanted)
You'll be settled in no time.

Jacqui Honeywood said...

Good luck with your move, it looks beautiful!

G said...

Boring, never. Can't wait to see the new house. Yes, that is a very big hint. More pics please. gxo

Kakka said...

How exciting the big move - hope it all goes well, great idea to use your archives xxx