September 1, 2011

Gardening With Farmgirl.

This afternoon was gorgeous, warm and sunny.  I decided to get out in the garden.  We are still very short of water and so I can't yet plant the vegetable garden I have plans for.  I decided to plant the bare essentials for a summer herb/salad garden in some pots near the kitchen.  The plan was that I could keep them going with buckets of water over summer if needs be.  So Farmgirl and I got out in the garden and planted some old pots I found out the back.

Look - pots of salad and herbs for summer.

My Current Vegie "Patch"

Now the terracotta pot actually has geraniums in it, so it is there more for effect.  I was very pleased that all the old pots matched as this appealed to my inner compulsive tendencies.  Farmgirl and I planted mixed lettuce, grape tomatoes, coriander, basil, mint, thyme and oregano.  I think they should do OK.

Farmgirl decided to plant her own garden.  This involved picking the few remaining flowers in the garden and popping them in a pot.  The end result was at the rustic and bucolic end of the gardening spectrum. But that's OK.  It's my second favourite gardening theme (after Nanna-Style, obviously).

Her garden looked like this.

Farmgirl Pot Plant - Pretty But Alas Destined To Be Short Lived

My gut feeling is it is probably going to fall into the "live fast, die young" category of pot plants.  Oh well.

She looked pretty cute doing it.

Farmgirl In Garden Attire

After the potted garden adventures Farmgirl was tired and headed inside to fall asleep on the couch whilst watching The Octonauts.

I decided to take on the rest of the weeds.  Now, I have a confession to make.  I know it is not very organic of me but when it comes to weeds my strategy is basically "I have Round Up and I am not afraid to use it." I got busy glysophating and am hopeful that the garden should at least be less of a snake haven by the end of the week.  (Will I get unfollowed for admitting I use weedkiller??  I will let you know.)

So there you go - that's my Thursday.  What about you?  Hope you had a good one.


G said...

A very productive Thursday. And a good looking vegie patch... far more plentiful than the SJW one which has been talked up so much. Am pushing for Mr SJW to call the fencing man this weekend so we can get phase one of this project in motion. Big things take time... gxo

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

LOVE farmgirls pot.
there's got to be something said for living fast and dying young i reckon!!!
go the weedkiller!!
cheryl xox.

Mummaducka said...

You will have some veggies! I hope the gods give you water so you can get your garden going. I hate roundup, but when there are more weeds than proper plants and they are taking over you just have to submit. Beware though, don't let your roses get a whiff or it may do them in! i have lost so many with hubby spraying. I hate snakes. Keep the ground clear near the house so snakes have nowhere to hide!

CountryMouse said...

I love the potted vege patch. I think I might have to steal your idea. GO ROUND UP! I am all for chemicals especially on weeds and bugs.

Fiona said...

Hope your veges do wonderfully.
I've had plenty of pots similar to Farmgirl's created by my team as well, usually including the only flowering offerings in my garden at the time.
PS. I couldn't garden without Roundup.

Z said...

Farmgirl and I have a very similar approach to gardening. She is welcome at my place anytime.

Re: weedkiller, it works, so why not?

Mrs. Exeter said...

I really like Farmgirl's gardening ensemble - she certainly has an eye for a winning outfit! xxx

Makeminemidcentury said...

There's a lot to be said in the positive about Roundup.

House is looking great, and the vege patch is looking very manageable. Keeping in mind you have acres of fresh produce already, so don't be too down about not having a full-on v.patch!

Jodie said...

Here's hoping your harvesting from your pots for the entire Summer... Nothing beats fresh home grown produce.

Jodie :)

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

My dream is for a huge vegie patch one day, however it will have to wait as my tiny townhouse is never going to host it. In the meantime I have a pot salad/herb garden, works brilliantly, you just have to keep up the water in the heat of summer.

Oh and roundup is a garden essential.

letters from the country said...

Very productive! Love the pots! I hope you have a big bounty of veges soon. Enjoy your weekend!

Deb said...

I have to say I hate glyphosate! I mix so much of it up for work that even the thought of it makes me feel a bit eww. But I have a confession...
My veggie patch was looking more like a wild wood after a quick afternoon visit by a pack of maurading happy hens that I was tempted, really tempted to get it back in shape with a little help after walking past this very tempting little yellow spray pack bottle. Now after spending a week pulling things out (and giving the proceeds to the happy hens)I still wished I'd gone the glyph! My nails are split, I feel like I have dirt under them all the way to the elbows, and there are more sneaky little blighters creeping under the fence (weeds that is, not chooks). Go the glyph!

no spring chicken said...

What a delightful garden! Yours... and hers. :)

Blessings, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous.


MultipleMum said...

A lovely day to spend a THursday! I hope your veggie pots do better than my garden did. Keep the possums out!!!! x

River said...

I love the terracotta pot in among the veg pots. I've been wondering what type of pot to buy to pot up my jade plants and that one is it. I've saved the photo (should have asked first, hope you don't mind), I'll print it and take it with me when I'm pot shopping. I need six of them......hope I can find them.

A Farmer's Wife said...

No worries at all River.

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

I struggle to keep anything in a pot alive *sigh*