November 19, 2011

Custom Made Mud. Saturday Afternoon Entertainment Farm Style.

Living on The Farm means that there is not always a lot of options in the entertainment department for small children.  Things like going with Dad to fix the pump take on a whole new level of excitement.  And if you are Farmgirl then you just take it that much further.  (It just would have been nice if she had popped some jeans on first....)

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Deb said...

I love it when kids make their own fun. I used to love playing in mud at her age (and quiet a bit older). While we do have the option of going to a pool on a really hot day, none of us can stand the crowds so our favourite thing to do is turn on the gardens water tank and splash water all over each other, while watering the poor veggies at the same time. Good fun. Have a great weekend:)

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

Love the mud play, it really isn't the same when you become the grownup who also has to wash the clothes.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

What fun!!!

SSG xxx

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Emma said...

Oh she is just divine and my goodness my 2 mud loving boys would have adored that! x