December 22, 2011

Christmas Food.

Our Christmas this year was all planned until about a week ago, except for one thing - the venue.  We had planned to join my extended family at my parents home on the south coast.  Unfortunately our ongoing harvest has meant that we don't have time to get there and back before The Farmer has to start work again. So this Farm Family is staying right here.  The Farmchildren and myself will join my family on Boxing Day for a few days and The Farmer will keep harvesting.

On Christmas Day there will be our family, some of our closest friends and some of our staff for lunch (the ones who can't go home for Christmas).  In the evening my in-laws will come over for a drink and some seafood.  I have cobbled together a lunch menu with the idea that it should be a pretty relaxed day and I will pre-prepare as much as possible.  I will have to roast a turkey that morning though but that's ok.  Our friends are also bringing some of the food which always helps immensely.  Thanks HG family!

So - in case you are interested - here's our menu.


  • Prawns (sourced by the HG and HG boy)


  • Roast turkey with Julie Goodwin's cranberry and bacon stuffing.
  • Glazed ham (   I will glaze this the evening before - can't wait to make the house smell all yummy)
  • Cauliflower Cheese (Farmchildren's favourite)
  • Roast Vegies (brought by the gorgeous Mrs HG) 
  • Jamie Oliver's get ahead gravy - click here for his brilliant recipe, ours is already in the freezer
  • Mustard/Cranberry Sauce etc

  • Christmas Pudding (not made by me - made by the ladies at The Gravel Road Christmas Pudding Co)
  • Pavlova (I will make this though)
  • Brandy Butter
  • Ice Cream Cake for the kids, big and small (and this was made by people at The Peters Factory and is in a box in the freezer)
So - what about your house?  What's on the menu?  I love hearing about other people's cooking plans.  (Bit tragic really, isn't it?)

Festive Pav
(And needless to say the wine and champagne will flow....)


Tania said...

Oh I do like your menu :)

Today I have just been informed that Christmas will be at my house instead of my daughters as previously arranged. My daughter popped in today not feeling well so our house it is! Now I have to get the skates on and get this place in order. I was relaxing a bit this year because of it not being here lol!

I am lucky that my mum cooks the meat and brings it with her and dad from 1/2 hours away. Dad has finished with harvest just in time this year. Everyone else provide the salads...

Hot one for us again this year, 37C!

Have a Great Christmas and New Year!


Lisa @ Simply Me said...

Your menu is fabulous. I love the HG and HG boy will source the prawns.

I can definitively say that our menu will include a pavlova, because I'm making it. Apart from that, the Xmas menu is a surprise.

This years hosts are great foodies, so I'm really looking forward to what they come up with!

Renee said...

Your menu sounds lovely.

My husband and I are very lucky in that our mothers, aunties and grandmothers still do the majority of the Christmas cooking. It's the one day of the year that my husband, brothers and sister in-laws still feel a bit like children! One day the older generation will hand over the cooking duties but for now they enjoy doing why break a good thing when it works!!

This year however my husband & I are supplying the seafood. We have quite a few friends within the fishing industry so it's quite easy for us to source beautiful seafood for a reasonable price. This is our contribution and we know it will be truly appreciated by our inland relatives.

Merry Christmas!

Fiona said...

Sounds beautiful.
I'll be whipping up a pav myself, also a baked cheesecake, thinking sticky date with caramel sauce.
Our festivities will start Xmas Eve, with a baked suckling pig (currently residing in the cold room) and all the accompaniments. Christmas Day will start with home-smoked bacon, avocado, croissants, some creamy scrambled eggs. Lunch will be mainly seafood, mudcrab, prawns, oysters, moreton bay bugs), some ham, leftover cold pork, and an assortment of salads. That's as far ahead as I've thought.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

On our Christmas menu we do nibblies (e.g. cheeses, dips etc)for entre (I've also made some delicious beef burgundy pies this year). For main we'll be having prawns, chicken, ham and 8 different salads (my favourite being a bacon/avocado/mango salad). And for christmas puddings, passionfruit cheesecake, ginger cream pie, jelly, custard, ice-cream, Christmas cupcakes and something chocolatey - dessert is big with our family as you can see. At our house the wine/beer/champagne will also flow!!! Enjoy your Christmas day. Ange

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Wow you are so good at this.

We are having lobster and balmain bugs at my mums.

We just have to do the 6 hour drive up there tomorrow.

Would love a slice of that Pav.

Happy Christmas


Faux Fuchsia said...

Hey, i luff your menu. I spent today with the step kids polishing silver. Mr FF swears it's from the early 19th century and is French. Fancy. But Filthy.

Have already set the table. It's read white silver and gold. We even have 2 silver candlelabras from the Olden Days.

We are having prawn cocktail circa 1977, roast turkey with an apricot quince (from the freezer) and bacon and pistachio stuffing, baked glazed ham, baked veges, a pav and a plum pudding (bought not made-what can I say I have a baby). I luff setting the pudding on fire.

On Chrissy night we go to our friends for caviar, champagne and oysters. I know. Fancy pants.

Happy Christmas. I absolutely have loved reading your blog, and you already know my views on a rural community.