April 5, 2012

Easter Entertaining - With Help From Some Vintage Domestic Deities.

Well - good morning!  I am sure everyone has noticed that Easter is upon us.  Do you need a few tips for some Easter decor and recipes??  Have no fear.  I have done some extensive research and come up with lots of information.

Look what I found.

Better Homes And Gardens Cookbook - 1959

This is my original 1959 Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cookbook.  I think it is safe to say that at least half the presenters on the current BH&G were not even born when this baby came out.  (I was definitely not around...)  So - in the interest of research and providing some tips on Easter entertaining, I flicked through this little gem until I came to the Easter section.


Easter - Not A Dish Ungarnished.

According to this the essential ingredients are a pretty ham and a springy salad.  That's if you want an Easter luncheon of course.  If you wanted to get more of a brunchy feel then this was the suggestion.

Table Setting For An Easter Brunch

I quite liked the brunch setting.  It was classic with just a hint of an edge which is one of my favourite decorating styles.

Obviously I could not restrict myself to just the Easter section.  I had a speed read of the beverage section and although this has a Christmas theme I think it should get a guernsey.  Swap the holly for little bunnies and it would become very seasonal and appropriate for Easter.


There was also this excellent advice for making your guests feel at home.  Particularly when it comes to serving coffee.

Help Your Guests Relax

And last but not least I loved this illustration.  Dress code for guests includes a fur wrap for the ladies and an over-the-shoulder Esky for the gentlemen.

Please Dress Accordingly.  Electric Frypan Optional.

What can I say?  Go forth and create some 1959 Better Homes & Gareden magic this Easter.

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter with family and friends.

Take care of yourselves.



Fiona said...

Wishing you a lovely Easter too.
We're getting in early ... guests tonight. Roasted Butterflied Lamb shoulder with a Chickpea & Vegetable Salad with Middle Eastern Spice Dressing on the side. No garnish.
But probably an over-shoulder esky.

A Farmer's Wife said...

I think you will be fine as long as you have that esky Fiona!!

Z said...

I thought Easter was next weekend, so I am woefully unprepared and cannot face the thought of fighting off the hoardes at Claremont to get my grocery shopping done. I shall have to whip my electric frying pan and esky out and just make do.

Lisa @ .Simply Me. said...

Ahh... retro advice, always worthy of a laugh :) Have a wonderful easter xxx

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

Ahh 1959, a time when each guest could drink an esky full and still drive home. I love that! Have a wonderful Easter.

Pauline said...

I was 14 in 1959 and this books reminds me of why I was such a tomboy. The women always looked like they had spent hours on their appearance (which I thought was a waste of time) and I always thought it would be so much easier to be a bloke and just carry in the beer. I never did completely get over that attitude!

Happy Easter to you and yours.

Anne said...

I rather like the punch bowl. Happy Easter.

Domesblissity said...

Well, that looks exactly like Easter time at my house, NOT! LOL What a great book! I love it. Happy Easter to you and your family and thanks for the kind words you've been leaving on my blog.

Anne @ Domesblissity xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thank you everyone - I really hope you all have wonderful Easters too.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Came to you via Annie at knitsofacto and love your 1959 Easter. I also identify with your comment on your home page about life in the country and how it differs from life in the Country Living magazines. Here they don't airbrush out the flies, it's more the mud in winter which seems to disappear, oh and the way the kitchen table is always covered with things which have nothing to do with food - electric cable, hoseclips, galvanised wire. you may know.

Mia Folkmann said...

The illustrations remind me of my childhood magazines, and even if you wouldn't think it was so terribly long ago, so much has changed. Some things for the better and other... well it's good to be a little nostalgic sometimes... ;-)

Makeminemidcentury said...

You have gone rather Mid-Century. I think you'll find it quite an enjoyable trend!

I take my fur coat off to you!