May 19, 2012

My Favourite Things.

This morning I have woken up feeling like I want to blog.  This is a new sensation this week as I have been feeling a bit worn out and only had the energy to flop on the couch and watch reruns of Dr Who on ABC 2. (Incidentally, can't wait for Monday - I think that is when Christopher Eccleston has to give Rose a bit of a lifesaving snog and turns into David Tennant.  I adore both of them so it is a win-win situation for me - and Rose I would imagine.  Anyway, digressing.)  So while I was making The Farmchildren pancakes this morning I decided to blog about my favourite things in our kitchen room.

First up.  My Nespresso.  Love this baby.  Makes a mean coffee.  Excellent for mornings when I have staggered out of bed and need a very quick pick me up.  It feels very luxurious to press a few buttons and make my own cappucino.  Complete with chocolate sprinkles.

Nespresso - Looking Cool and Spacy, Maybe TARDIS Like?

OK - next up.  I think while we are on a appliance theme we will move onto the Fast Slow Cooker.  It is a pressure cooker and a slow cooker in one. Remember how I blogged about making the last one blow up, even though it was supposed to be unblowupable?  It was quickly replace by Appliances Online and the new one has been perfect.  I use it all the time. Both as a slow cooker and a pressure cooker.  Honestly, this clever gadget gets a workout at least four nights a week in The Farmhouse at the moment.

Excellent Bit Of Gear - Resembling A Dalek. Only Works For Good Not Evil

And just in case you think I am addicted to electric kitchen appliances I will show you my absolute all time favourite bit of kitchen paraphernalia.  My second hand Tupperware jug.  I got it at a garage sale years and years ago.  Here is an action shot, complete with pancake mix in-situ and a whisk.

Tupperware Jug.  With Pancake Mix Emitting Unearthly Golden Glow.  ?Possessed By Alien Energy 

Last but not least.  My open shelves.  I just love them.  When we moved to this house there was a cupboard shaped alcove in the kitchen but we had nothing to fit it.  I spent a bit of time thinking about what I would do and decided in the end to get plain shelves made.  And they are perfect.  I can display all my pretty stuff and am inspired to use it because it is right there ready to go.  I need to pick up one more basket for the bottom. (Or buy more wine.)

Open Shelves.  Struggling To Find Any Connection With Dr Who So Will Leave It At That

So there you go.  Now I need to get moving and go and clean up the pancake mess and get on with the day.

Enjoy your weekend.


Sydney Shop Girl said...


Rediscovered my inner blog too!

Loving your list of favourite things. Always good to be embracing both the electric and manual worlds.

SSG xxx

Makeminemidcentury said...

I feel like blogging too! Must be the weather, but I don't know what to blog about.

I do like your kitchen things ... I've been thinking of getting one of those large, stainless steel slow cookers that brown and slow cook.

And I've also discovered recently the joy that is Dr Who! I love it. Most of all, I love it because my children find the episodes so scary, that they leave me in peace to watch it ON MY OWN!! Thank you, Doctor.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Thanks for the idea - I get blogger's block a lot these days.

Mrs. Exeter said...

Yay - great idea and it looks like a lovely start to your day! We are looking at coffee machines at the moment - yours looks great. Now I think about it one we were looking at somewhat resembles a Cyberman!

I love Dr Who too but have had a bit of trouble following the plot of recent Matt Smith episodes - I'm getting old! xxx

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

Oh my goodness I love that Tupperware bowl, have been looking for something like that for ages, the modern ceramic ones are just too heavy.
Have a great weekend.

Bungalowgirl said...

Very much liking your open shelves and Dr Who references. Can still vividly recall the episode that scared the bejesus out of me when I was 5. Involved weird pod plants somewhere in the snow..... melx

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

I love the shelves, I hanker for a bigger kitchen.

One of the awesome things about my other half moving in was acquiring his large vintage tupperware collection. My mother would never give up hers but he had snagged most of his Mum's 70's collection. We have a brilliant array in orange, bright yellow and lime green, including a jug like yours. It is the bomb.

amanda@Live Life Simply said...

I love open shelves too. I think we tend to use more of what they contain when everything is in plain view!