September 3, 2012

Farmgirl Checks Crops. Scrabble.

Farmgirl likes to get out in the paddock and keep an eye on our crops.  We all do really - them being our livelihood at all.  Farmgirl takes it more seriously than the rest of us though.  She gives them a thorough once over.

Farmgirl - Up Close And Personal With A Barley Crop

Farmboy likes to multitask and try and catch rabbits as well as check a crop.  Not sure how effective a bug net is in rabbit catching.  (Animal welfare people fear not - he hasn't got anywhere near one yet.)

Keep A Careful Eye Out 

After the crop checking we headed to the creek for a wander.


It looks spring-like in the photo but is wintery again today.  Suits us as our crops need more rain and some cool weather.  Hopefully we will get some rain this evening.

In other unrelated news, we headed to The Beach House for the weekend.  I played Farmboy (who had a secret weapon known as The Farmer helping him)  at Scrabble.  I was reliably informed that "humskrapp" was a German work for a steak burger with lots of onions but no sauerkraut.  I think I was had.

Please Rain On Our Barley!

I hope everyone had a brilliant weekend and that Monday is treating you well.


Joolz said...

It's been a good Monday here after a very springy Sunday! Good to see your crops looking healthy, I hope you get the right amount of rain.

Humskrapp, eh? Yep, you were diddled!


Z said...

Oh yes, the good old humskrapp. The only way to eat, really.

A Farmer's Wife said...

So I was told Z. Can't believe I got this far without hearing about them before now....

Thanks Joolz - waiting for rain but forecast looks ok.

Joolz said...

I got my Poachies bags from Woolworths where the utensils are. I have lso seen them in some homewares shops.

Unknown said...

It's raining here so I hope you are getting some and it's not so windy!

Lisa @ Blithe Moments said...

Sending you wishes for rain! I love Farmboy's rabbit catching net. It does work with pet bunnies in the backyard, I think the wild ones would be a bit more clever.