December 13, 2012

The Contents Of A Bag.

Can you remember when everyone was photographing the contents of their handbag and either blogging about it or having it published in a magazine if they were semi-famous?  And how everyone had their passport in a Tiffany blue leather cover, a Chanel lip-stick, two bandaids and some sort of chic but quirky souvenir from an exotic holiday to prove they had a life, all packed into a designer bag?  (No-one had several used tissues, receipts from 2007 and biros with no ink in a battered bag from Witchery circa 2008.)

Here On The Farm we like to take things one step further.

Let me present to you Farmboy's school bag.  School finished here yesterday and this is what one small, almost eight year old boy had managed to cram into a back pack.

Yeah Baby

Even I was impressed.  So far we are only half a day into the holidays and I am seriously considering hiding in my wardrobe with a pillow over my head.  How loud can two small children be?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday.  Raining again here and we are Decidedly Not Impressed.  Oh well.


Heidi said...

I feel exactly the same way. The kids playroom looks like someone has broken in and ransacked our house. Seriously. At least I remembered to remove the contents of the lunch box and wash it out this year. Not like last year. Lets just say that was not a nice thing to look at in January! xx

Romy said...

At least the contents weren't smeared in the escaped -from - the - Lego - lunchbox remains of pasta with tomato sauce. Disgusting! Mine started today as well and am scared how we are all going to fare....I think they'll be spending most mornings at the yoga creche while I get it all together to cope with the day ahead! Rx

River said...

Backpacks do hold an extraordinary amount.
Sit the kids down and have a chat about defined areas where they are absolutely NOT allowed to make a mess or bring their toys. It's tempting to restrict the whole house, but that won't work. Just a small area or two that you can safely call yours to sit quietly and uninterrupted with a coffee now and again. A particular armchair, your bedroom. Send them outside when they get too noisy?

Debra said...

my daughter informed she needed a bag like Mary Poppins or Hermione Granger!

Faye Fossay said...

"I am seriously considering hiding in my wardrobe with a pillow over my head" ... LMAO! Our kids haven't yet started their Christmas holidays (they still have another week of school yet)... but I can feel what you're feeling already! Perhaps I should get my pillow ready! LOL ;)

Fiona said...

Send the rain East AFW.
Hope you're all enjoying the lead-up to Christmas.

Anonymous said...

His bag makes my handbag look good!! It is great you have it unpacked now and not a nasty little surprise at the being of school next year.

I love the beginning of the holidays no hurry up you will miss the bus or no I'm not driving you to school and the best is not having to think up something for the lunchbox. But by the end of the holidays the cupboard is looking good. Louise

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

That is an impressive achievement with the backpack! I remember that handbag thing. None of them ever had the half eaten flapjack wrapped in tissue or ballpoint pens which didn't work but somehow had not been thrown away. Weird that.