March 13, 2013

Reset. Motorbikes and Stuff.

Do you ever have those lovely calm days?  Days where you can achieve lots of little things with no fuss and by the end feel like everything is back to normal.  After a frantic last few weeks today has been my first calm day.  I am feeling well again (brief illness last week) and my house and life are under control.  My cleaners came yesterday and my whole house is clean and tidy. Today is my day off work and I have done a big food shop, changed the sheets and finished all the washing.

It is like pushing a reset button and starting again.  It is a good feeling.

Plus my day was made this morning when I found that The Farmhouse garden was showing signs of recovery from the annual beating that it gets every February.

Look - roses. Yay and double yay!

Real Roses

I have blogged about Farmgirl's interesting choice of farmwork attire before.  This was what she chose on the weekend for a motorbike/gator adventure across the paddocks.

In The Pink

Farmboy was much more sensibly attired.

Farmboy With Very Small Honda

Farmboy got the motorbike for Christmas.  I  still have mixed feelings about it.  Overall though motorbikes are a part of life here.  After much discussion we felt he would be better learning the necessary skills from The Farmer when he was a bit younger rather than jumping on a bike at a mate's place when he was a bit older (and full of testosterone) with disastrous results.  The bike is also set so it can't go very fast at all at present.

Most of our farm work is no longer done on motorbikes but rather is done by gators.  Here is a gator.


It is like a tough, 4 WD golf cart.  It is much more stable ( and slower) than the 4 wheeled motorbikes we were previously using for stock work.  Plus a lot of our staff are in their late teens/early 20s and regardless of what rules we put on the bikes we knew they just cut up on them when no-one was looking!  The gator is handy too as the little tray on the back carries a lot.

Have just looked at the time and realised I need to get myself down to the bus stop pronto.  Hope all is well with everyone.  May take off word verification and just block anonymous comments I think.  Those little words are so annoying.

Take care.


Heidi said...

Amazing how a short illness can throw the house out for days. Glad you're back on deck and in control again. Love farmgirls outfit! Her hair has grown back well, it looks like it's bob length now? As for the motorbike.... my husband has a dream of getting a hobby farm, purely so that he and the boys can have dirt bikes. As you can imagine I'm really, really keen on the idea.... And the gator is a great idea, those 4WD bike things scare the crap out of me - no one ever wears helmets, and they tip so easily, and go so fast.We went to a friends farm and I turned around at the bonfire to see that my husband and oldest were hooning up a hill on one, no helmets. I was Not Happy. xx

Romy said...

I am in awe of the farm girl's fashion sense....she would have looked glorious on that Gator! Your roses are beautiful and more prolific than mine are down here in Hobart. Rx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Heidi - Our 4WD motorbikes were really scary. Very powerful as they have to tow little trailers and so easy to tip. Worksafe is apparently about to bring in a rule that all 4WD need a roll cage/bar thing. We decided to just go for the gators - we have three and they are brilliant and very fun as well as being useful. So we use those mainly. The Farmer still uses his dirtbike occasionally but not often and mainly if he is taking our son out for a ride.

It has taken a week to get back on top after the illness. Our house got so messy (it is normally fairly tidy) that even Farmgirl was trying to clean it up.

Romy - That was the entire crop of roses from 18 bushes! It was so windy here today that they were just blowing away so I picked the lot (and got a whole 7 blooms) I feel better knowing even Hobart roses are suffering. Farmgirl is a world on wheels. Mud and pink tulle being her favourite combination.

River said...

I love those calm days where all jobs seem to do themselves; they usually follow a night of fantastic deep sleep.
I love your roses and I'm glad to find out a Gator is a vehicle and not a troop of trained alligators.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Love the pink roses and the pink outfit against the sunburnt country!

Domesblissity said...

I love those moments to reset too although I'm usually running on continuous play! LOL Love the outfit!

Anne xx

Housewife in Heels said...

Love your daughters outfit choice. So gorgeous.

Housewife in Heels said...

Love your daughters outfit choice. So gorgeous.