April 8, 2013

Morning Tea. Weed Management.

Hi.  I know - two blog posts in 3 days.  Amazing.  Almost like the early halcyon days of this blog where I posted every single day for ages.

Anyway - today I had some of my friends around as it was my lovely friend Mrs HG's birthday.  We had a special morning tea and I nanna-ed it right up.  Look - pretty china and everything.

Morning Tea For Nice Ladies

We had a wonderful time.  I am so lucky to have my friends.  The cake is a yummy apple cake.  Do you think I should post the recipe? Or are there no apple cake fans out there?

I used some new cups that my brother and sister-in-law gave me for my birthday.

Pretty Cups And Then Weird Random Blogger Inserted Gap

Then this afternoon I dealt with some weeds in my garden.  I would love to say I got down on my hands and knees and pulled them up.  But I didn't.  I snaffled some Round Up from the shed and got busy with my hand-held spray wand gizmo.  Hopefully the weeds will be sorted out.  They are already looking a bit yellow so that's something.  So far no other plants are yellow.  But it's early days.

This week was supposed to be a quietish one but already there is lots on.  I have wound up working more days than usual at my day job.  Not sure how that happened but it did. (Actually - that's rubbish.  I know exactly how it happened.  They were short staffed and I volunteered to help.  Damn you old fashioned work ethic.)

There isn't much else going on really. Rain forecast here for the weekend. Yay and double yay.  According to The Farmer that means we will start seeding.  I will try and get out to the paddock and takes some photos.  It's been a while since there has been any decent tractor action on this blog.  Better get onto it.

Take care.

(I am sorry about the funny photo spacing.  Blogger is playing silly buggers.  I have tried and tried to fix it.  Given up.  You win this time Blogger.)


Unknown said...

yes please to the Apple cake recipe. I have just stewed/cooked up two bags of apples and need to do something with them, I was thinking pie? xxx

**Anne** said...

I for one adore apple cake and would love to have your recipe. Please.
Are your new cups and saucers Maxwell & Williams? They look gorgeous.
Anne xx

EclectChic said...

Definitely post the recipe... And while you're at it, pass the cake! Your tea cups are beautiful. Good luck with the rain, and if you have any left over, please send it my way!

Domesblissity said...

Apple cakes must be making a come back (or we all have too many apples) LOL. I made one last night. Love an apple cake. Love your china too. Makes the tea taste nicer I reckon.

Anne xx

Emma said...

Apple cake recipe would be welcomed here as well. Always looking for new lunchbox recipes that sort of look healthy! xx

Joolz said...

Apple cake and pretty china = lovely afternoon tea

You have a full stop down the bottom of your weird space, maybe delete that and back spaceup? I have no clue - blogger is certainly sent to try us, I find.

Best wishes for a good rain, I hope we get some too!

Heidi said...

love the tea table arrangement - those cups are gorgeous.

At least you managed to spray round up on your weeds. My dad mixed up a batch and walked all over the paths in the 5 acres of his cultivated garden spraying all the weeds on the path. Took him a couple of hours. He was very annoyed to find the weeds still looking healthy a few days later... and then realised he'd forgotten to put the round up in the spray thing, and he'd sprayed them all with water alone. Oops! xx

jcatesby6 said...

What adorable little cups and saucers AND how tidy is your house?

Roundup ... mmmmm ... not very organic, but when there's heaps ...

jcatesby6 said...

What cute little cups and saucers and how tidy is your lovely house.

Roundup ... mmmmm ... not very organic, but when you have heaps of weeds ...

Andrea said...

...ahh roundup. we have this ivy thing in the garden that is curiously immune...at wits end as to what to use.

As for the cups of tea and cake - I am inspired. In fact am going to invite friends over for next friday!!

*Aries* said...

Beautiful pictures