May 8, 2013

Random Stuff.

It is finally quiet and calm here today.  The Farmchildren are back at school and only Herbie The Wonder Dog and myself are home.  Herbie is recovering from much school holiday love and is currently pretending to be a cushion on a sunny spot in the sitting room.

Small Sausage Dog "Blending in"

I have decided to ignore him, even though he is not supposed to be there.  He has had a busy fortnight as The Farmchildren's main playmate.  They invented a game called "Commander Woof-A-Lot".  The game seemed to involve Herbie being some sort of army commander and it was The Farmkids' "mission" to track him all over the garden from their base under a big old Cape Lilac tree, "The Spaceship Tree".  It provided hours of entertainment and for this reason alone I have decided Herbie needs his place in the sun this morning.

And me?  Well I am having an extra cup of coffee and relishing the peace for a little moment.

It has been raining here which is so lovely.  We are about half way through our seeding programme and the rain was incredibly welcome.

The Farmchildren and I had a great time down south with my parents.  The highlight was going down the creek and catching yabbies and rides on my Dad's ride on mower.  Despite the fact that we have numerous very large bits of tractor-type gear they apparently pale in comparison to a ride on mower with a trailer.  Particularly if it is driven by Boppy.


New ugg boots were purchased in preparation for chilly nights.  The whole family now has matching pairs.

Small People With Toasty Toes

Now - I have a small confession to make.  After rubbishing reality TV at length I have become addicted to The Voice.  I am blaming The Farmchildren as they were desperate to watch The Blind Auditions. Given that is a sort of grown-up show I thought I had better watch it with them.  And now I am thoroughly intrigued.  It is creating much discussion in our house.  The Farmkids are huge fans of Steve Clisby and Harrison Craig.  I have become an unlikely groupie of Joel Madden (who knew a mouthy, tattooed to the hilt, short guy was so cool?).

I am also continually in awe of just how genetically blessed Ricky Martin is.  He is seriously one of the best looking human beings to walk the planet.  Fortunately Delta is similarly blessed as she has had to carry off some interesting outfits and has managed to do so with style. (Mere mortals would not look good in a slashed to the navel jumpsuit or that odd futuristic flesh-coloured dress arrangement.)  So, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I am now well and truly on The Voice band wagon.

So there you go - I am off to do some little jobs that have been building up over the holidays.

Hope all is well in your worlds.

Take care.

Early Morning. Servicing The Air Seeder.


Zara said...

Lucky little Herbie on the lounge.
Your sitting room looks lovely too.

Heidi said...

Oh - sweet Herbie! I remember torturing/ playing with our dog fondly when I was growing up. He was mostly looking miserable in clothes from the dress up box (and he was a collie, so not a small dog). The cat was in dolls clothes with tail swishing in anger in the dolls pram. Sounds like Herbie had a much better game to be involved in! Glad you've had some rain.. none here and 31C today, which is ridiculous. Back in sandals and a summer dress today. Thank you for your lovely note by the way - loved the card with Herbie on it! xx

Romy said...

How much more fun than a computer game or the improvising your farm children are! Little fella deserves a rest.....and maybe a steak for dinner?! Rx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Zara - Herbie is a bit spoilt.

Heidi - Herbies does also get dressed in doll's clothes and put in Farmgirl's toy cradle! Been lovely and cold and wet here. We lit our fire for the first time this year. Glad you liked the dachshund card.

Romy - Rest assured Skylanders still gets a work out sometimes. Farmboy is the main game inventor and Farmgirl goes along for the ride. No steak for Herbie but I did boil him up a lamb shank which he loved.

Jenny Rose-Innes said...

I have to say that I love The Voice too!! I am so sad to be away in South Africa and missing a lot!!.. We have had two Daschunds - Monty and Bertie!! They are the most adorable doggies and I remember Monty lying in a very straight line also trying to be invisible! Wonderful that you have rain... here in Cape Town, the warm Indian Summer persists... very dry and they need rain here too! xxx

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I had to smile at you "coming out" being a fan of the voice - at least the people are super talented who come on the show - i youtubed it after i saw that the voice is in australia as well - ricky martin does still have it and he swivels well!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Jenny - Oh - love that you have had daschunds too. They are adorable and really loving, fun little dogs to have around. Sorry you are missing The Voice. Ricky Martin is proving a major drawcard for me.

CSW - Ricky can most definitely still swivel....

Unknown said...

Hi, I've just found your blog, and am really enjoying it :) I genuinely laughed out loud at your description of 'the Voice' judges, as you really took the words right out of my mouth, and I fully agree on all accounts! I did notice you didn't mention Seal... I wonder if our opinions of him are similar also... Hehe
Flick :)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Hi Flick - So glad you like the blog. I am concerned currently about Seal's choice of trousers. He seems to have adopted the dropped crotch or "poo catcher". Not good. Can handle the mani but not the choice of trouser.