October 30, 2010

Break Downs and Weekend Slow Cookery

Our headers have broken down.  Both of them.  If you have a farming background you will know this is bad news.  This sort of thing makes farmers Very Cross.  Headers are supposed to go pretty much around the clock until the harvest is finished.  Last year harvest finished just before Christmas.  So our headers do not have time to sit in the paddock broken down.  They have way too much to do.

Here they are

You can tell they have broken down because a. they are not moving up and down the paddock and b. the wingy bits at the sides are open.  The open sides bit is always a strong indication that things are not good.  There are people who have climbed inside the open sides to work at fixing the break down.  This is not a fun way to spend the day.

Days on the farm seem very long at the moment because the headers are going day and night (or at least they should be when they aren't sitting in the paddock with their wingy bits out) and this means the Farmer is often out late into the night.   I have resorted to cooking the types of dinner that are still delicious (or at least edible) give or take a few hours of sitting on the bench.  I use my slow cooker a lot for this.  Even in the summer.

Today I made some sort of fish stew type thingy.  I made it up.  Basically I took these things - a tin of cream of celery condensed soup, a tin of corn, a tin of reduced fat cream, 4 little potatoes, some salmon and a bunch of parsley.

Then I chopped the onion and garlic and gave it a quick fry, peeled and chopped the potatoes and chopped the salmon into 3 cm cubes.  I then mixed everything up in the slow cooker bowl and am in the process of letting it cook on high for about 4 hours. (oh yeah - I did chop the parsley too but I reckon you probably worked that out already).

All mixed up
I know I used lots of tins.  When you live on a farm fresh cream and stuff is not always on hand.  And it's a long drive to the shop.  Besides I was also feeling a bit slack.  Anyway I will let you know how it goes.  Please don't try it at home yet.  Maybe wait until I can confirm it is not a complete disaster.

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thatblogyoudo said...

Yummo that looks good. i love my slow cooker, i saw this new fancy slow cooker on an add on TV the other night, the inner bit (ye know?) you can put it on your stove to brown the meat up first, then bang it into the slow cooker, add your bits and slow cook away.... So no splish splashing up the sides when you transferr the browned meat and retain all that flavour too. may have a look for it when i get to he Good Guys next...