October 31, 2010

Scary Sunday

Things are back as they should be on the farm  The headers are doing this again.

Headers Harvesting - Yay

This makes the Farmer happy.

My slow cooker improvisation turned out well. It was really yummy. More importantly everyone ate it, which is the only requirement a recipe needs to get a repeat gig in the Farmhouse kitchen.

Here is the finished product.

Slow Cooker Fish Stew

The Farm children had a fantastic day because they went to a Halloween Party.  One of my closest friends grew up in the US and wanted to share some Halloween traditions, so she threw a party.  Everyone had a great day playing games, eating party food and wearing scary costumes.  Farmgirl is very excited as she won a bright pink rubber toy snake.  It would be scary, if it wasn't so pink.

Obviously we at the farm got our best costumes out for the party.  Farmgirl was a super scary baby witch.  Farmboy rocked a zombie outfit like a pro.  I was told by the Farm children in no uncertain terms that all grown ups needed a costume so I channelled Johnny Depp and went as a pirate.

Baby Witch with witchy broom which unfortunately does not fly (we tried, we failed)

Very, Very Scary Zombie

I feel a bit sorry for the Farm children when costumes are required.  I am not crafty. At all.  While other children get gorgeous home made costumes mine get the 100% synthetic jobs from Big W.

Anyway we have all had a wonderful day, synthetic costumes and all.  I hope you are all having great Sundays too.  Wherever you are.

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thatblogyoudo said...

Holy Cow is that a real pumpkin??!!! thats massive.