October 26, 2010

Harvest, Hot Weather and Bindi Irwin

Two exciting things happened on the farm yesterday.  The first was we started to harvest our crop.  This time of year is very busy and will continue until somewhere around Christmas.  The start of harvest also means the real start of summer to me.  We will have lots of dry and dusty weather from now on.

Things like this will start happening....

Big tractor, big truck, chaser bin (also big)

Big machines like this will start to drive around the paddocks.

Header - this actually does the harvesting

The landscape is starting to look a bit like this.

And less like this.

Soon nothing will be green but the leaves on the trees and the lawn around the house.  On second thoughts I am not making any promises regarding the lawn...  

The other exciting event was the discovery by Farmboy that Bindi Irwin is back on ABC Kids in the mornings.  This counts as a  major event for us.  Bindi was Farmboy's first crush.  He is six now but I vividly remember catching him giving the TV screen a big sloppy kiss when he was about three and she came on.  He still thinks she is pretty cute and it made his morning watching her for ten minutes before we had to race down to the school bus. 

Bindi Irwin always seems remarkably well adjusted to me considering her history and situation.  Someone in her family/close circle must be good at keeping her very grounded.  It will be fascinating to see what she does as she goes through adolescence and young adulthood.  I hope good things happen.

Also I have just realised it is a week until Melbourne Cup Day.  Yay!  I always think it is important to have some kind of plan on such an important day.  Even if you buy your favorite sandwich while you watch the TV.  It needs to be a little bit special.


Not A Ballerina said...

Love the farm pics! I'm so interested in how a city girl adjusts to country life. I just can't imagine doing it myself (but I guess you didn't imagine that when you were younger either). Happy harvesting :-)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thank you Not A Ballerina. I feel pretty well adjusted now but it took a little while.