October 28, 2010

Ice cream - Pink, Brown and White

Look what I found when I went to dish up some ice cream for pudding.

This is supposed to be Neapolitan
This is what happens when you have one child who will only eat the "brown" and one child who will only eat the "pink".  So who is going to eat the "white"?

In our house colours and flavours are used interchangeably.  "Brown" is pretty much always chocolate in the case of ice cream.  To Farmgirl "pink" is a colour, flavour and pretty much a way of life.  She is devoted to it in all its forms. Particularly in the form of ice cream.  Normally it falls in the spectrum of strawberry, raspberry or at worse bubble gum.  Once we were caught out with some type of cherry liqueur which did not go down so well.

I have vague memories that when I was younger Neapolitan ice cream was kind of all swirled together a bit like an old fashioned marble cake.  This tricolour effect is new to me.  I can also remember a swirly mix of bright yellow, green and white icecream called Tutti Frutti or something similar.

I now have a problem.  Do I wait before the kids have eaten all the "white" before I buy new ice cream?  Or do I just sit down and eat it myself?


Sydney Shop Girl said...

I'd eat it myself - with a generous splash of Baileys or er... chocolate topping?

SSG xxx

A Farmer's Wife said...

SSG - I think that is going to be the inevitable result.

Hope you are having a good day!

Joolz said...

I'd cover it in Milo and strawberry topping and get the kids back in...