October 29, 2010

On Trend Architecture and Design - Farmstyle

For various reasons this farmer's wife has been reading lots of interior design magazines recently.  After careful perusal of backcopies of Inside Out, Australian Country Style and House and Garden I have decided that design and architecture seem to need to meet a few criteria to be on trend at the moment.  Things like eco credentials, use of waste materials, simple and honest structure seem to be important.  A structure should resonate with the environment. Dividing buildings into different zones for different uses is also strongly recommended.  Decorating simply with a bit of a twist and referencing Scandinavian design are apparently required.

We at the farm like to be on trend with our buildings and hence I present to you this.

"The Treehouse"
This is our newest structure and it meets all the necessary criteria.  Its eco credentials are first class.  It is constructed from recycled pallets and is obviously open to the sides which enables an excellent cross breeze and totally natural cooling system.  It is so eco friendly that it requires no electricity at all  with the exception of the occasional torch battery for night time use.

It is also an honest structure.  It is very clearly a Treehouse and is not pretending to be anything else.

I think it resonates with the environment well.  Its colours blend nicely and being butted up against a tree has got to count for something.  Birds have even been know to fly straight through it.

The concept of zoning has been applied with intelligence.  It has a label on the side that states its purpose clearly.

No Grown Ups
The decor is incredibly up to date and fashionable.  It is frequently scattered with little bits of Lego.  Lego is obviously the classic example of Danish design excellence and so the Scandinavian box has well and truly been ticked.  Most importantly it has a twist.  The kids have wittily referenced the late Alexander McQueen with this choice of motif.

The absolute best thing about it is that the whole structure carries strong emotional meaning for its owners.  It was built recently by Farmboy and his grandfather.  It's a pretty special Treehouse.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

I endorse the Alexander McQueen reference.

The Farm children are way too cool for school.

SSG xxx

Not A Ballerina said...

Oh, I love it! Farmboy and his grandfather obviously have excellent design sense, no doubt they were reading all those magazines you had lying around.
Also - you're hilarious. Love your writing. And I'm fussy ;-)

A Farmer's Wife said...

SSG - Thank you, sometimes I could do with a little less attitude and "cool" from the farm children!

Not A Ballerina - I am so chuffed that you love my writing. Particularly because you are fussy. Thank you.

Emma said...

This is brilliant!!! Literally choked on my cup of tea I was laughing so much!! I loved the Danish design and McQueen references, just priceless!

Suzie G said...

I am pretty sure flies are photoshopped out also :)
I am also pretty sure that the homes they find in those mags are wannabe country folk living in the cities - honestly!!

life in a pink fibro said...

LOL. I seriously want that house. See - it's interior design mag-worthy for sure! Great post! And thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro today. :-)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Suzie G - So glad we agree on the fly situaion. There is an annoying one buzzing in my office as I type! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

Pink Fibro - It is a pretty cool treehouse. Unfortunately, as I am fairly sure you are a grown up, you would not be allowed to enter... I enjoyed my Rewinding experience and found some great new blogs. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great post!

New here, but love your blog.

I'm not quite sure what design style our treehouse follows. I'm now thinking that I have not spent enough time on the decor or theme.