November 10, 2010

An Award From The Lovely SSG, Fairy Appearances

I am very excited that the gorgeous and stylish Sydney Shop Girl has given me a little award for my blog.  As it is still a baby blog this is very much appreciated.  Thank you.

Sydney Shop Girl was the very first blog I ever read.  I still love reading about her day to day life in Sydney and love her gorgeous photos.  She always looks immaculate and is super-duper fashionable, but has a way of looking at the world that I really identify with.

This award comes with rules and these are:
1.  Thank the person who sent it to you.
2.  Copy the award.
3.  Explain three things you like to do.
4.  Send the award onto 5 other blogs that you think are deserving.

There are lots of things I love to do but my top three would be:

1.  Just being with The Farmer and The Farmchildren, doing whatever we choose to do.  My kids make me laugh on a daily basis, I adore them and obviously I am quite fond of The Farmer too...

2.  Spending time with the rest of my family and friends.  I am very fortunate to be blessed with a special family and some gorgeous friends.  You know who you are.

3.  Reading.  I will read pretty much anything.  This has been an almost life long obsession, starting straight after I learnt to read.  I can remember sitting on my Dad's lap asking him to read words out of the newspaper for me.  I then went on to finishing Enid Blyton  books under my quilt with a torch late at night.  I still read all the time and dread running out of books.  My favorite recent read was Lady Antonia Fraser's account of her marriage and life with Harold Pinter.  It is titled "Must You Go" and is a wonderful story.

As I am very new to the blogosphere I will hold off on sending the award onto 5 other blogs if that is OK.  Most of the blogs I know already have the award or have been tagged.  I won't forget though and will pass it on at some point, hopefully in the not too distant future!

In other news on The Farm we seem to have had a higher than usual number of fairy sightings recently.

I saw these on the washing line.

Fairy dresses, A Good Indication That Fairies Have Been Out and About
And I have come across this sort of thing recently, whilst walking around The Farm.

Farmgirl Fairy,  Running Really Fast

Farmgirl Fairy,  In Her Natural Habitat

Enjoy your Wednesdays everyone.


Farmers Wifey said...

Congrats, thanks for commenting on my blog, I am your newest follower, from one Farmers wife to the next!!!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thank you Farmers Wifey. I will try and add myself to your followers (I have had a few technical issues with this) It sounds like we are starting cults...!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Fabulous response, AFW!

I love the photos of Farmgirl and her wardrobe.

SSG xxx