November 10, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Wednesday

This Wednesday is much better than last Wednesday.  Yay.  The Farmchildren have been well behaved and the day went smoothly.  I am also cooking a little lamb roast for dinner and can smell it from here, so this is improving my mood no end.

The weather has changed suddenly as it is raining.  It isn't the hot, sultry, summer "gin and tonic" type rain.  It is more the cool change, "glass of red wine" type rain.  It will slow our harvest up a bit but we are at the stage where a day off will be welcome for everyone.   I can hear our workmen on the two-way planning a night at the pub as I write this...

Red Wine Rain

In other, very important, news I have solved the Christmas present wrapping dilemma.  The ladies at our local post office have helped me find these.

Christmas Gift Bags

Yay.  They will solve the lost sticky tape on Christmas Eve dilemma.  You could even make the presents look good after a couple of glasses of Champagne.  This is a challenge that I have failed to meet in previous years.

I have also decided to pass my lovely Cherry on Top blog award to Amanda over at Not a Ballerina.  Amanda has a fantastic blog, largely revolving around her experiences both traveling, and working as a travel writer.  She is a beautiful writer and her blog is well worth a look.  I particularly love her posts about her family holiday to Europe in the 80s.  The fashion alone is inspiring.

It is going to be a pretty short post tonight.  Sorry all, but there is roast lamb and red wine in the kitchen with my name on it.

Edited to add:

Farmboy's class is running the school assembly on Friday.  He entertained us over dinner with their "item"  It is a funk/hiphop version of Humpty Dumpty.  All in all we have had a lovely evening.  Dinner and a show.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

I am very excited about Farmboy's reworking of Humpty Dumpty - or should the be HD in the new language.

There is great truth in you observation about rain and alcohol.

SSG xxx

Not A Ballerina said...

Thanks so much for the lovely compliments and the award! Will get on to that soon.

LOL we are having heaps of rain down here too but I'm not sure I would be allowed to classify it as "red wine rain" at 9am. Perhaps my best early morning approximation is "hot chocolate rain".

You will have to learn to do audio recordings and post the hiphop Humpty Dumpty!