November 15, 2010

Bring on The Nannas - A Garden Update.

Saturday's fete purchase of a succulent has reminded me of my liking for succulents and how hard they work in The Farmhouse garden.

I have said before on this blog how much I love Nanna-Style gardens.  I can't help it - it is something to do with my inner-Nanna.  In summer some of my favorite Nanna plants are my succulents.  They tick all the boxes required to get an ongoing gig in The Farmhouse garden.  They don't need much water, they look pretty and they are incredibly difficult to kill.  Having said that, earlier in my gardening career I committed the heinous crime of killing several.  I had to try hard to do this, however I can truthfully report that if you put them in non draining pots and overwater them, they will eventually drown.

Here are some from my garden that are not drowning.

Succulent, Complete With Nanna Pot 

I also absolutely love the fact that you can just tear a bit off, stick it in the ground and it grows.  I do this often, particularly when I am bored or The Farmchildren have accidentally torn one to pieces.

I am not sure why I associate them with grandmothers/nannas etc.  They are actually very trendy at the moment but to me they will always retain their innate nannaness.  I think the association has something to do with seeing them on so many old ladies' verandahs over the years.  Usually in a painted cement pot.  They are gentle and comforting to me.  I particularly love the soft greens and pinks that so often make up their foliage.

 Garden show presenters rave about their sculptural form, the way they echo architecture and that sort of garden design stuff.  I just look at them and think of both my grandmothers.  Maybe that is why I like them so much.

Echeveria, Nanna Name "Hens and Chickens"

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