November 15, 2010

Choc Chip Biscuits, No Nigella and The Ever Present Snake.

Farmgirl and I decided we would channel Nigella and make some choc chip biscuits today.  This time of year involves endless packed lunches and I am continually trying to come up with snacks to fill them.  This recipe is an old one I have had for years. It is pretty handy as you can replace the choc chips with whatever takes your fancy.  I have tried things like cut up dried apricots and almonds or rolled oats with good results.

Anyway in our best Nigella fashion we sashayed forth into the kitchen and got on the job.  As Farmgirl is by far the most dramatic and gorgeous of the two of us she scored the Nigella role in the photos.... You have been warned.

Ok, first of all we preheated the oven to 180 degrees and lined a baking tray.  Then we combined 150g butter, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1/3 cup of caster sugar and the yolk of an egg.  You can play around with the ratio of the sugars if you like but all caster sugar does result in fairly bland and overly sweet biscuits I think.

We creamed these all together in our super glamorous pistachio KitchenAid.

Action Shot of KitchenAid, Farmgirl's Nigella-like Hands in Background
Then we added a teaspoon of vanilla essence and mixed it a bit more.  After that we put in one and a half cups of SR Flour and mixed it all up with a wooden spoon (not the super glamorous pistachio KitchenAid).

Farmgirl Mixing, Very Nigella
Like Nigella, Farmgirl is very hands on in the kitchen.

Farmgirl In Action
Then we stirred in about half a cup of choc chips.  The next step, which is very Nigella-like, is to roll the mixture into walnut sized balls.  Just like Farmgirl is showing you in the next photo.

Farmgirl Demonstrating Rolling Technique

Ready for The Oven
Then we popped them in the oven for 15 minutes or until they were nice and toasty brown.  We pulled them out and they looked like this.

Very Yummy Choc Chip biscuits
Farmgirl fell down a little bit in the Nigella stakes because she looked like this.

Farmgirl Covered in Flour, Not Nigella-like
In other Farm news, The Farmer has investigated the snake issue.  He thinks the snake I saw the other day has made a nest under our chook shed (place where we keep the chickens for non-Australian-Farm-type people).  This is not making me happy.  I have now decided that chook related jobs belong to The Farmer until further notice...


This Mid 30s Life said...

I SOOOOOO do not miss snakes!! The most dangerous thing around here are squirrels and that's fine by me.

Wish I had your mixmaster by the way.

Not A Ballerina said...

Ooh, snake under the chook shed can't be good. I'd be staying away too. But the choc chip bickies look very yummy!! Can't wait until someone invents scratch'n'sniff blogs :-)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks ladies.

I love the mixer. I had an old one for years and could not justify buying a KitchenAid while it still worked. Eventually it blew up. Then I used a hand held one for about a year until I got a bonus at work and blew the whole lot on my new mixer. I am obviously shallow because it makes me very happy just to look at it!!! Must get out more.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

That is a gorgeous Kitchenaid.

Cookies look delish too :-)

SSG xxx

Felicity said...

Loving the Kitchenaid, bikkies and Nigella'esque moment.

Hating the idea of slitherin' - we had anther close call this afternoon and I just really wish they'd all pack their bags and go away....I think it's Ireland's turn to host them for a while don't you!?!

x Felicity

Anonymous said...

Your mixer is gorgeous. And go farm girl - I like a girl who gets her hands (and everything else) dirty. :)

Cate said...

love the fairy chef outfit!! Looks like my house :-)
So not loving the snake either...did you eventually get it? (or did it get the eggs??)
have a great weekend
visiting from pink fibro rewind :-)

Naturally Carol said...

Just as well snakes aren't attracted by choc chip cookies!

Littlemissairgap said...

What a perfectly pretty outfit to bake beautiful biscuits in. Nigella would be impressed. Very lady-like.

Shelly - Tropical Mum said...

I love the mixer and the fact that it is 'pistachio'. I wish I had more things that are 'pistachio'.

Maxabella said...

Scoff, I reckon Nigella looks twice as floured after a batch of bickies. She's just got wardrobe, hair and makeup to clean it all up for her! Great job! Your balls are so even... my bickies are always a case of the 'big ones' getting eaten first!! x

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Er, yum - they look great! And I'm insanely jealous of the pistachio Kitchen Aid.

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

Loz said...

Yum! Must try this recipe :) over from rewind...loving your blog already!

Kakka said...

Popped over from Weekend Rewind - must try the recipe. Great to find another WA based blogger. xxx