November 25, 2010

A Farm Christmas

This year I am getting very excited about Christmas.  The reason for this is The Farmchildren.  Farmboy is almost six and Farmgirl is three and a half.  They are at the stage where they are completely enraptured by the concept of Christmas.  Last year was magical - even if they did wake up initially at 2.45 am and The Farmer and I had to put them in our bed to stop them getting up...

I have been thinking that there will probably not be that many Christmases left where there is this level of magic.  So The Farmer and I have decided to milk every bit of a joy out of this one we possibly can.

It has started already.  Farmboy's class are doing "Hark The Herald Angels Sing" for their item at the Christmas concert.  I know the sight of Farmboy and his gorgeous classmates dressed as angels will make me want to cry.  Farmboy himself is interested in the word "hark".  We have explained it means something along the lines of "stop and listen".  He now walks in the kitchen and says

"Hark.  I would like an apple."

It makes me laugh everytime (and is better than a few other words he has picked up at school lately).

The Farmchildren's Christmas wish list changes daily.  This morning Farmgirl wanted a penguin, but only a small one.  Farmboy wanted a leopard seal.  When asked why he replied

"Because they eat penguins"
The potential of the almost six year old mind for evil is astonishing...

I have gone overboard on the planned decorations for the house.  We will have a big tree and lots of traditional decorations in our formal dining/lounge room.  I have a funkier theme planned for the kitchen and TV room.  I am resisting the urge to put all the decorations up until early December.  I think the wait for Christmas is going to seem long enough for The Farmchildren as it is, without going too hard, too early.  There is also only so many times I want to redecorate that tree..

The Farmer bought Freddo Frog advent calenders.  So I have hyperactive Farmchildren to look forward to every day for 25 days.  The Farmer has also decided he wants lots of lights outside.  It has been suggested I make a trip to the local hardware and stock up on supplies.

With the exception of a few items, I have tried to do as much Christmas shopping as I can in our small town this year.  Like many towns dependent on agriculture for business, it is suffering somewhat because of the poor season this year.  I also like wandering into the local butcher and discussing the size and type of ham and turkey I need.  Or chatting with the post office ladies about the best wrapping options for a lazy farmer's wife...

We have close and extended family coming to The Farm on Christmas Day.  And some friends too.  I am looking forward to planning our menu and cooking for them all.  I have decided to do the traditional Christmas dinner and all the trimmings.  I think that simple things done beautifully is the best way to go.

A Small Christmas Tree - Very Cute According to Farmgirl
I am hoping we have a Christmas to remember.


alliecat said...

Hark! I love this post, very amusing with his everyday use of the word!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Christmas as your place is going to be so much fun, AFW!

That's a great Christmas tree and I like the simple done beautifully concept.

SSG xxx

PS - can't wait to read about the lights.

Not A Ballerina said...

Hark, I would like to say that this post made me laugh!!!! Farmboy sounds like a clever one. However I would have thought your climate may not be suitable for a penguin, even a small one, and I wondered whether Farmgirl had considered this?

By the sounds of what you have planned I think you're going to have a wonderfully memorable Christmas.

A Farmer's Wife said...

alliecat - There has been lots of "harking" It has been very funny. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

SSG - Glad you like the little Christmas tree. I will post a picture of the big one when it is done too. I will also keep you posted on the light situation.

Not A Ballerina - the penguin has been much debated. Could it live in the fridge or an esky? What about the swimming pool? And most importantly will the leopard seal eat it?? My gut feeling is we are going with a no on the penguin.

Take care all.

This Mid 30s Life said...

It's so exciting with the little ones isn't it.

Last year my little boy asked Santa for a mango. Love it.

Unknown said...

Hark! We have the same little tree at our house. Your blog is a fabulous eye-opener about life on a farm for those of us in the 'burbs.

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks ladies

I hope your little boy got a mango This Mid 30s Life. The mangoes are just starting to come into season and are very yummy this year but expensive.

Deborah - thanks for reading my blog. I am so glad you are enjoying it.