November 2, 2010

How to Know When You Have Had a Good Melbourne Cup Day.

1.  You go to an excellent country lunch.  Along with 130 other people.  Such a turnout alone is enough to make your day.

2.  The food is amazing

3.  All your friends are there.

4.  Farmgirl plays quietly and happily in the kids section.  For three hours.

5.  Your shoes are comfy and you like your hat.  You even have a good hair day.

6.  The lucky door prize is a remote control esky.  You don't win it.

7.  You draw Maluckyday in the Sweep.  It comes second.  You win $60.  There is a fashion parade and a little clothes shop set up.  They are selling a cute top.  In your size.  And your colour.  It is $60.  You realise that you have to appease the shopping gods.  Straight away.

8. Farmboy also draws Maluckyday in the PrePrimary Sweep.  He is just thrilled his horse came second.

9.  Farmgirl is so tired she falls asleep on the couch.  At 6.30pm.

10. It is just a great day.


Not A Ballerina said...

Well done on your "free" top!!

Just to elaborate on #6 ... you mean you can drive it towards yourself? What kind of controls does an esky need exactly?! I think it's a pity you didn't win it.

A Farmer's Wife said...

I think you fill it with beer and use the remote control to drive it around your mates so no one has to get up for a refill. Needless to say the Farmer was most upset I didn't win one.

Not A Ballerina said...

LOL I would use a remote control esky to get chocolate driven to me whenever I wanted it.