November 3, 2010

A Long Day

Today was a bit frantic.  The kids were grumpy and whingey.  The Farmer is doing extremely long days at work at present and so I have been running the home side of things on my own and today was no different.  I also had a full day at my "day job".

I kind of knew today was going to be busy.  On busy days with lots on I tend to feel like I am half an hour behind all day.  Today I decided to get ahead and get up half an hour earlier so I was on schedule.  Alas I obviously live in some strange fold in the time-space continuum thingy because I was still half an hour behind.  Not sure how that happened but it does raise the question of whether this actually meant I was a whole hour behind all day.  I have decided against pursuing this line of reasoning any further for the sake of my worn out brain.

My work day eventually ended and I got the two tired, grumpy and tantrum prone Farmchildren home.  I got them in the bath and they seemed happy enough.  I headed to the kitchen to cook dinner.  The Farmchildren have obviously been stealthily reading my back copies of House and Garden as they proceeded to turn the tap on, slowly enough so I couldn't hear it from the kitchen.  They then managed to turn our big old enamel bath into an infinity pool, complete with the overflowing water feature edge.

After a mammoth effort at mopping up I managed to get them fed and in their pyjamas.  I then did what all Good Mums do after a bad day and parked the kids in front of a DVD.  They chose to watch "Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakel"  This improved my day no end as I have always had a secret wish to be a Chippette.  Unfortunately I lack the musical ability and innate chipmunkness required for that gig.

Anyway after everyone had settled down we decided to head outside to recharge with some evening peacefulness.

Cute Farmboy, Cute Farmgirl In Fairy Dress and Cute but Useless Sheepdog
All seemed much better with the world after that.


Not A Ballerina said...

Infinity pools and Chipmunks, who'd have thought they'd feature in the same post? Hope today is a better day!

waltzingoz said...

I noticed you said in a previous blog a glass of wine at the end of the day is quite good - on days like these don't worry about the glass, just put a straw in the bottle and go the whole lot...

A Farmer's Wife said...

Waltzing Oz - Mmmm a glass may have been consumed during the Chipmunks!

Not A Ballerina - I did try and embed a flickr image of gorgeous infinity pool but failed due to frazzled brain. Will try again soon - have already done it once so must be able to get it to work somehow...!