November 6, 2010

Orange Cake and A Sluggish Snake

Today has been a busy day at the Farmhouse so far.  The Farmchildren and I have had a big week so we decided to just hang out at home today. Or "chillax" as Farmboy said.  Well that was the plan anyway.

After doing general house jobs I decided we would make a cake.  I decided to make an Orange Cake from my brand new CWA Cake Cookbook.  It is a great book - the CWA have published it to fundraise for rural health care.  They have compiled the best cake recipes from their members.  Given that these are country ladies, and they have had to put their name and where they live on recipes to be published nationally, I figured I could not go wrong.

Yummy CWA Cake Recipe
After a quick pantry inventory I realised we lacked eggs.  This was not a worry as we have chooks.  The kids and I went down to the chook pen to dispose of the kitchen scraps and grab some eggs.  We did that and were heading back when we saw a HUGE snake (I think it was a dugite)  laying in the sun.  It wasn't moving which may have been because it was dead, or may have been because it was cold and it hadn't warmed up yet.  Trust me when I tell you I didn't get close enough to find out.

I couldn't take a photo as I had forgotten my camera and had the kids with me (and because I am a great big chicken and wouldn't have got close enough anyway).  So try and imagine it was a bit like this.  Only not pink.

It must have been the day for snakes as the Farmer saw one on his way out to the paddock and apparently the men who work for us were very entertained by the antics of a small carpet python.  Small carpet pythons, or large ones for that matter, are harmless.  They are still disturbingly snake-like though.

Anyway after all the snake palaver the kids and I got back to the kitchen with these.

Yummy Farm Eggs
We then got going on the cake.  First I pureed up an orange.

Then I added eggs, SR flour and sugar.

Then I popped it in the oven and it came out like this

Pre Icing

Post Icing
The cake was super yummy.  I would recommend it.  I am not giving out the recipe as it is copyrighted and I think everyone should buy the book anyway.  It is a gorgeous book and for a great cause.


Not A Ballerina said...

Rhyming titles! Step-by-step photos! This is becoming a seriously professional blog!! Fortunately the lack of a real snake picture has reassured me that you are in fact human and not just a super-blogger :-)

My grandmother was heavily involved with the CWA so your post even made me google it and discover there is a CWA "merchandise shop" here in West Perth, right near my dentist! I will stop in soon ...

A Farmer's Wife said...

The lack of a real snake photo is because I am a serious chicken!!!

mommy mafia said...

that cake looks soo yummy!!