November 5, 2010

In The Pink

I never used to be much of a pink girl.  Then Farmgirl arrived on the scene and seemed to bring with a her a selection of pink paraphernalia.  Numerous pink baby presents arrived and pink objects seemed to have bred in the Farmhouse since then.

What I have discovered is the power of pink to lift everyday objects to a higher plane of prettiness.  So, in the spirit of this discovery, I will take you on a little tour of my favorite pink things in and around the Farmhouse.

Pink Cyclamen On Kitchen Table
This pink cyclamen is very pink, cheery and was giving to me recently by a lovely friend when I was unwell.  This means it ticks all the boxes in the pink feel good stakes.

Mini Fry's Turkish Delight
I found a bag of these hidden in the Farmhouse lolly cupboard.  They are the mini versions because we advocate portion control on the Farm.  Except for the Farmer, he just has 3 of them at a time.  They are yummy and help deal with Bad Days.  Admittedly Bombay Sapphire Gin, Schweppes Tonic and any NZ white of the dry variety are also useful things to have around for Bad Days.  As they aren't pink though I will save them for another post.

Teacup and Saucer
I love this teacup and saucer because it was my grandmothers and I can remember being allowed to drink tea out of it as a little girl.  It is very special.  One day Farmgirl can have it.

Pink peg, fundraisers for breast cancer research
I like these pink breast cancer fundraising pegs.  They make hanging out the washing seem marginally more glamorous.

Pink New Holland Tractor (portion controlled)
Now this is one great bit of gear.  It is Farmgirl's weapon of choice in a variety of situations.  She uses it as transport to and from the school bus stop.  She is also pretty good at direct heading canola with it.  She just tends to do this at the wrong time of the season.  I think the reason the house paddock didn't yield as well as it could may be Farmgirls earlier efforts at harvesting.  I am sure it had nothing to do with the lack of rain.

Farmgirl Getting Dirty
This is my all time favorite pink object on, and off, the Farm.  This is Farmgirl!  She loves to wear highly unsuitable clothes out to the paddock.  She then gets them filthy dirty.  The battle to get her to wear jeans and T-shirt is ongoing.   We do have a strict closed-in shoe rule for safety reasons and at least she chose to accesorise this ensemble with hot pink gumboots.

On a completely different topic a big thank you to my three followers, SSG, Not A Ballerina and Pilbara Chick.  Yay - it makes me happy to have followers...! I like your profile pic Pilbara Chick - we are big truck fans on the Farm.  I do know that there are quite a few readers out there from the blog stats.  If anyone else wants to follow you just need a google account which is free and easy to set up - (hint, hint).


Sydney Shop Girl said...

I admire and identify with Farm Girl in her wearing of clothing not always practical to the situation at hand.

It is empowering in its own way.

Have a lovely weekend,

SSG xxx

Not A Ballerina said...

You have a whole cupboard just for lollies?

A Farmer's Wife said...

SSG - I quite like her attitude to farmwear also.

Not A Ballerina - It is only a little cupboard...

Enjoy your weekends ladies.