November 17, 2010

A Snake On A Tuesday And A Big Sapphire Ring

I have always thought that discretion is the better part of valour when it comes to dealing with snakes.  Obviously living on The Farm I do have encounters with them and have always maintained a live and let live policy.  They can go their merry way and I will go mine and everyone's happy.  Unfortunately this theory fell apart rather spectacularly yesterday.

I was the only "grown up" on The Farm,  The Farmer and our staff were all busy shifting harvest equipment to another property.  Farmgirl was asleep in her room and I was being a domestic goddess in the kitchen.  Then I looked out the window.  There was a large snake in our courtyard trying to make it's way up the brickwall towards a window.  Farmgirl's bedroom window.  Farmgirl's open bedroom window.  The same bedroom Farmgirl was napping in.  I tried to contact The Farmer on his phone and it was out of range.  I then decided that I would have to investigate further.  I grabbed a long piece of poly pipe by the door and got close enough to the snake to realise two things.  One - it was not a friendly python type snake.  Two - it was getting very close to the window.  I very gingerly tried to shoo it out of the courtyard.  It did not want to be shooed.  It was showing a strong predilection to get in the window.

Now I am not an overly brave girl when it comes to snakes.  At about this point the poly pipe was oscillating about a foot because I was shaking so much.  My vocab sounded remarkably like the first scene in "Four Weddings and a Funeral".  However as it edged closer to the window my inner lioness came out.  It was near my baby.  I had the poly pipe.  There was only one way it could possibly end.  And end it did, for the snake at least.

Pink Rubber Snake - The Only Type I want Near My Kids

I am not a huge fan of disposing of snakes unless they are a  direct danger to my family.  This one was.  Interestingly the law in Australia states this is the only time it is legal to do so.  We also have no one living anywhere near us who does the bagging and relocation of snakes.  Trust me, if we did I would have been calling them. Stat.

In much more pleasant news, how exciting about Prince Williams engagement to Kate Middleton.  I am so glad they are using Princess Diana's stunning ring.  I also think Kate has lots of style.  I particularly admired her when they were broken up and she popped on a brave face and was seen out and about in London looking super stylish.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Wednesday.

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