November 21, 2010

A Storm On A Sunday Morning

It has been threatening to rain and be stormy all weekend at The Farm.  Yesterday was very hot, humid and still.  Today the weather has broken and we have had a little rain and a lot of thunder.

I love watching the grey sky and seeing the weather coming in over the big hill behind The Farmhouse.

Looking West
I also love how the stubble glows a warm yellow against the grey sky.  Everything smells damp when you go outside.

Looking South
The Farmchildren are very scared of thunder.  Earlier this year The Farmhouse scored a direct hit from lightening with myself and the Farmchildren inside.  It was very loud and has resulted in them both being  frightened ever since. They are certain that we will explode if it occurs again, mainly because that's what a lot of our appliances did the first time.  This morning Farmboy built what he called a "storm protection cubby" on his bed for himself and his sister.  Apparently it stops you exploding if lightening hits.  It seems to have worked because we have all escaped unscathed.

In other news from The Farm, the chookhouse snake has not been sighted again but one of our chooks has died from what looked like snake bite.  That snake needs to find somewhere else to live....Or else.
Farmgirl has decided she no longer wants a pet pony for Christmas and would prefer a pet camel.  Farmboy is still keen on a Harley though.

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday, wherever you are.

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