December 6, 2010

The Arrival of Country Style, The Absence of Tinsel and My Wedding

I have just got the new issue of Australia Coast To Coast Country Style.  It has had a name change at some point that I obviously missed completely.  I am sure it used to be just Australian Country Style.

As always it has a super stylish cover.

Country Style - With Christmas Pony
They have put a traditional Christmas tree in the middle of a paddock and have enticed a lovely looking pony to have a nibble.   As I have previously mentioned on this blog, Farmgirl has repeatedly asked Santa for a pony.  I am afraid even a gorgeous photo shoot with a very cute pony is not going to persuade me to give in...

The magazine is full of lovely Christmas ideas.  The photo shoots are always my favorite parts of Country Style, and this is one of the best issues for stunning table and Christmas decorations etc.  Having said that, there is nowhere near enough tinsel (actually none at all that I can find) for The Farmchildren to consider any of it adequate as a Christmas decorating scheme.  As always, I am destined for much more glitter and sparkle than would pass muster in a decor mag.

I spent some of the weekend tidying out cupboards and came across the photo album from my wedding to The Farmer, now many years ago.  The Farmchildren found it hilarious and loved looking at their parents all dressed up.  Farmgirl was astounded that we had a life before she came along and upset because she wanted to marry her Daddy and now couldn't as he was already spoken for....

Our photos were taken in the pre digital image days.  I have tried to reproduce one below.

A Very New Farmer's Wife, On A Country Road
I had forgotten entirely about these photos.  There was a series taken of me, walking along the gravel track to our farm.  The photographer obviously liked them and used them a lot for promotional purposes.  Apparently there were images of me, blown up to life size, at bridal fairs and all over magazines.  Being tucked away in the country, and at the stage where I could no longer bear bridal magazines, I had absolutely no idea until a friend got engaged over a year later!  The memory made me smile.

On a completely different note I would just like to thank all the people who have taken the time to read this blog, particularly those who have followed, commented or emailed me.  I am still amazed anyone is reading it at all so love the acknowledgement I have received.  Especially the messages from readers who have told that, sometimes, my blog is a little bright spot in their day.  Thank you again.


Maxabella said...

I love Australian (Coast to Coast?) Country Style too. At least you are living the life! I am just dreaming it. I love that picture of you on your wedding day. I can't imagine how wonderful it felt to find some lost pics of the day.

Love your blog. It's that dreaming thing again!! x

Sydney Shop Girl said...

What a beautiful bride!

I have never read Country Style. I will have a look the next time I'm at the newsagent.

SSG xxx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Maxabella - Sometimes (actually the vast majority of the time) I think I am just dreaming that life too... They don't show the dust and flies in Country Style!

SSG - You would love Country Style. Very classic. Very you.

thatblogyoudo said...

What a lovely pic of you walking along that red dirt road beautiful.