December 7, 2010

Utes, Rainy Days and A Very Rich Cake

We are well into Christmas Party Season here at The Farm.  Before I got married and moved to the country, December consisted of high heels, marquees and way too much champagne. The social whirl that is Christmas Party Season on The Farm is no less taxing.

We kicked off last week with Farmgirl's child care Christmas Party.  It ticked all the boxes.  There were things like red sausages and cupcakes.  Santa came and everyone got a bag of lollies.

Santa arrived in our local fire ute.

Practical Transport For Santa
(For those readers who are not Australian, what we call a "ute" is usually called a "pick up".  In Australia a "pick up" is what a single young farmer is trying to achieve when he heads to the pub on a Friday night.)

A ute is an excellent transport choice for Santa.  Practical, all terrain and reliable.  I know from personal experience that you can do lots of kilometres in a Landcruiser Ute, no worries at all. This a great feature if you are planning an around the world trip.   A good ute is also a comfy choice.  They even make ones with air con, which would be a handy extra if you were wearing a red, fur lined suit.

We have several more parties to come, including The Official Farm Christmas Dinner for all our staff.  It will be held at a local restaurant.  Then we will have my work party.  Same restaurant. (It is only a little town...)

Our harvest is held up at the moment by the weather. There was a cool change and it rained yesterday  It was a glass of red wine rain. When our crop is wet it can't be harvested.  Today has dawned bright and clear however, so hopefully things will dry up quickly.

Fortunately the rain doesn't look to have done any damage.  Many farms in NSW and Victoria have lost their entire crop to rain.  This is a so sad.  It is awful to get your crop so far into the season and then lose it (and any chance of a profit) right at the end.

A Soggy Fence Post, On Our Currently Soggy Farm

Farmgirl and I have been holed up in The Farmhouse so we don't get wet.  To fill in time we made Ree Drummond's Chocolate Sheet Cake.  It turned out beautifully.  I wimped out on the icing though.  I thought it would already be very rich.  So I just dusted the top with icing sugar.  Sorry Ree, I just couldn't do that much butter.  It was still amazing though.  I would recommend making this cake - let me know how the icing goes if you do.

Ree Drummond's Sheet Cake, Minus Icing
It would be super yummy as a pudding if you just warmed it up, added some icecream and some berry coulis.

Enjoy your day everyone.


Maxabella said...

That little restaurant in your town must do a roaring trade this time of year!!

The cake looks decadent. Warm choc cake with vanilla ice cream is the perfect pudding if you ask me!! x

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Oh that chocolate cake looks delicious!

SSG xxx

Glow said...

You should talk the elves in to upgrading Santa's sleigh to a Ute - you make a very strong argument :)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Maxabella and SSG - The cake was truly amazing. Even icingless.

Glowless - Will do. After further thought though am concerned about parking. Don't know many rooftops that would support a Landcruiser Ute....

kate of here we are together said...

That cake looks great!!
We've had snow here a few times & I stayed inside with my mini "farm-boys" while the other ones played outside, i really could have used a bit of that chocolate cake then!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thank you Kate. It is difficult to imagine snow at present as it is our summer. Farmboy did ask this morning if he could ask Santa to make it snow!

Farmers Wifey said...

I love your explanation of a ute and a pickup...

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Farmers Wifey. I think it is a distinction that needs to be made..!