December 28, 2010

Arrival of Country Style At The Beach

It is calm and peaceful here now.  We had an absolutely fantastic few days with The Beach House choc a block with people.  So much food, champagne, fun and lots of beach time.  Now, as the weather has cooled a little and the guests have left, I can feel myself starting to relax.  Which is good.  The lead up to Christmas was crazy busy for our family and I think we all need some down time.

The Beach House is in a crayfishing town not too far from The Farm.   I must be honest and say I love being a town dweller for a little while.  When you live in the middle of nowhere and cook every meal your family eats, something as simple as a fish and chip shop seems extremely luxurious.  I even relish being able to food shop every day, and buy on whim, rather than doing the mammoth food shops I do when we are at home on The Farm.

The Farmer and the male half of the extended family went fishing yesterday. They didn't catch a huge number of fish but there was plenty for dinner.

Blue Boned Groper In Front, Pink Snapper Behind

Today I had a quiet wander around the local shops.  Having a house full had made me realise The Beach House was a bit light on in the mug department. Nothing is more annoying than having to wash a cup when you want a coffee...

There is a gorgeous kitchen shop in town and I popped in and found these.

Lovely Stripy Mugs

I love having lots of colour in The Beach House.  I know the lovely lady who owns the kitchen shop.  I met her a couple of years ago when I had to stock out The Beach House kitchen.  She was really helpful at the time and gave me lots of freebies.  Anyway, today when I went in and picked up these mugs she smiled and commented that she had thought of me when she stocked them!  I took this as a strong sign from the Shopping Gods.  So the coffee mugs are now living happily in the cupboard.

I also found the latest Country Style at the News Agent.  Like the blog it seems to have adopted a beachy theme for January.

Country Style
The cover shows a beautiful table near a stunning bay.  I would love to sit there and have a nice peaceful cup of coffee.  I think I would be a tiny bit worried about snakes biting my ankles though as there is an abundance of windswept coastal grass....  That's OK - if I am imaging my dream beachside afternoon I will just imagine the snakes away.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful few days holiday and that you are all happily winding down after Christmas.

Take care.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

A beach house! What a treat.

It looks like the perfect retreat.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Fiona said...

Pleased you're having some down-time after the harvest. I don't know why it is, but most farming families usually head to the coast over Xmas. Unfortunately this year we didn't, and with atrocious Qld weather, maybe a blessing. I've been taking note of the ridiculously high temperatures in your part of this country, we're usually somewhere near them...just not this year.
Enjoy your break ... they're few and far between.

Semi Expat said...

How nice to relax at your beach house. Love the striped mugs too... And I expect the fish was delish! x

Jane said...

Ooh, what a fab time you've been having, AFW! You had me at champagne...Loving the pops of colour with the mugs. And *sigh* I adore Country Style. Just waiting for my subscription to arrive in the delayed-because-of-all-the-Christmas-public-holidays post. J x

A Farmer's Wife said...

SSG - Beach House is a huge treat to have. The problem with living and working on The Farm is that The Farmer never relaxes unless we are off site so to speak. Hence The Beach House. I am a beach girl from way back so just adore it.

Fiona - Thanks for your comment - we were desperate for a break. I like to think that for the month of Jan we live at the beach and just happen to own a farm...As opposed to the rest of the year when the reverse is true... Has been hot and horrible here but cooler today. Yay!

Semi Expat - The mugs have made my day. I am quite shallow like that...!

Jane - Thank you. Champagne is my favourite thing to drink. So versatile. Anytime, anywhere, any occasion. Love it.