December 14, 2010

Cupcake Carnage aka The Baking Gods Are Cross

Today I am hosting a ladies brunch for one of my dearest friend's birthday.  All of my friends are getting pretty tired and a bit fed up with harvest and the endless hours of work being done by their husbands.  So I thought a little celebration would be a nice idea.

I have decided to use all of my best "Nanna Style" china and want things to look all lovely and flowery.

 I managed to find these gorgeous cupcake cases.

Gorgeous Nanna Style Patty Pan
Whilst they may be super cute, they are also about half a cupcake larger than the cases I would usually use.

I busily got baking yesterday afternoon.

Busy Baking Scene In The Farmhouse Kitchen
Unfortunately I misjudged the baking time due to the bigger cases. Or The Baking Gods were frowning on me.  Either way I pulled cupcakes out of the oven that looked like this.

Cupcake With Big Crater In Middle
I quickly whipped up another batch and made a few adjustments and had a little word with The Baking Gods.  The next lot looked like this.

Lovely Craterless Cupcake
Unfortunately there are not enough nice ones.  I can't be bothered baking anymore.  I have a couple of standard recovery methods from baking failures.  The first is to give everyone enough champagne that they don't even notice.  The second is to cover the failed baked goods with mountains of whipped cream and rose petals...

Here is a photo of how I rescued some dodgy cupcakes and turned them into Farmgirl's Christening Cake.

Puddings At Farmgirl's Christening
I am going to get onto the whipped cream first thing this morning.

If all else fails I have one other plan.... Fussy Eater's Mum is coming today and has made this beautiful chocolate ball tree.  If I can't come up with anything else I am going to give people lots of champagne.  And try and persuade them I made it.


Emma said...

mmm, they look delicious! You could even pretend that they are butterfly cakes! I hope you have a lovely brunch.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Champagne and cupcakes. A winning combination. The dips in the top of cupcakes are handy for piling on more frosting, which can only be good.

I just had my own cooking mishap today. The cream on the top of my trifle melted minutes after being brought out to the barbecue lunch at work.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

SSG xxx

Glow said...

Champers and cupcakes! How divine. I had champers and fairy bread with my bridal party in the break between photos and reception :)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Emma - Brunch was lovely, thankyou.

SSG and Glowless - I couldn't agree more about the excellence of champagne and cupcakes in combination.

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Looks so yummy and I love those cupcake holders, they are adorbale!
Thanks for your visit, I'm really enjoying your blog!
Have a great Tuesday!

Glen said...

"finest Nanna style china" like it

A Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks Kristin. I am glad you like it.

Glen - got to love Nanna style china!